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  1. Well your mom might be able to make more interesting threads than you do
  2. Without to see the floop? How is that possible?
  3. This may really be the strangest hand I have seen in my life. Actually I thought the first half of it was really hilarious, I nearly fell off my chair laughing with all the "in the dark"-betting going on, but in the hand it got kinda annoying IMO, I still don't know how Jamie got Sammie to check that, sure it's easy to say when you see the holecards but wasn't it completely obvious by the turn what they had?
  4. Sorry I'm out, nothing I could do, flopping top two with AJ but obv T river and losing to broadway after getting it in on the turn
  5. I'll play and I know how to play Omaha, at least I won a ticket to Weekly Round 2 in a Omaha freeroll once lol *g*Delta388 (Ludwigsburg) on Stars
  6. Simply awesome, now just TID and you earn bragging rights for the next 100 years or something
  7. First time I played Stud was in a freeroll, I can remember it confused the hell out of me when that last card was dealt, I first thought it might've been a graphic glitch or something like that lol
  8. Wow, that sucks beyond words... :(At the same time, maybe I'm sick or something, but when I read that hand I imagined to watch Hellmuth on HSP lose that way (they really should invite Jerry Yang for this ), and though how hilarious it would be to watch that on TV
  9. To me his turnbet looks like a really weak attempt at "mixing it up", too, he's probably grinning and thinking "Well guess what, I'm on a draw that didn't hit on turn... but I just bet out! Ha! Has anyone ever though of something as sneaky as this? I'm a true poker genius, just like Jamie Gold and Jerry Yang!"
  10. Why not raise his turnbet? His bet is way too small, IMO a sure sign he's on a draw, and there are a lot of dangerous draws out there, so way not make him pay to chase? As played, yes I think it's an easy fold on the river.
  11. QFTI mean, what was that guy thinking? That the producers of the show would invite him back because of his nice face? He was one of the least entertaining players to watch since... well let's be honest he might be the least entertaining player to ever be on the show, and he feels screwed because they didn't invite him to the 500k game? The whole reason they put that game on because they want to have huge pots and lots of action, if they all played like him we could watch some really nice episodes of "raise and take it"-poker, now that's entertainment.
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