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  1. Such bullshit, you'd think that gimp linesman could catch either the offside by two players or the handball, guess not, never underestimate the incompetence of referees and match officials.
  2. Such gheyness, Springboks being filthy dirtbags as usual, massive LOL @ de Villiers saying eye gouging has a place in the game.One thing i will say, the Lions backline looked incredible in the first half of the 2nd test, you would think they were playing together since they were schoolboys they all seemed so aware and the passing was so fluid.Though with a depleted squad i can't see the Lions doing much in the 3rd test as much as i'd love to see the boks get hammered.
  3. I had a terribad Business Studies teacher in secondary school who would basicallly give marks depending on how much meaningless jargon you put into an essay question, Everyone in the class used to compete to see how far we could push it and how many random phrases we could put into the essays, we even developed a scoring system.Needless to say i dominated it.
  4. If Ireland bottle it today I plan on renouncing my citizenship and moving to Africa,With that being said, from this 6nations England have seemed utterly flat and unimaginative with the exception of maybe Sackey,Looking for O'Gara to completely outclass Flood and give Ireland direction and get the back line moving like they can for once.
  5. lol settle down there taking this abit seriously with the 'fkin idiots'I never mentioned anywhere that all of metallica's lyrics were good.... at the start of my comment i completely wrote off anything but their first three albums so quoting st.anger is pretty stupid.I think most metal fans won't agree with you when you say there are not bands with 'great lyrics', Seems like of the great metal bands lyrics play a pretty major role whether they're 'funny' to you, or not. Though i will agree in the case of the bands you've mentioned the lyrics make up a lesser part of the band purely because the
  6. Well in most cases where the lyrics are good they really add something to a track, this includes metal, sure the focus is on the 'music' but in the case of all the greatest metal singers and lyricists it's pretty clear to see that the lyrics are a fundamental element of the band, and i don't mean random screaming and grunting ala most of those shitty bands you've mentioned. If they aren't gonna bother writing decent lyrics why not just be an instrumental band?Thats where i see the difference between these bands and the truly great metal bands, sure they all have heavy riffs and driving base li
  7. Yea cos Violin intros scream METAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!Metallica defined thrash in the early to mid 80's, yes their recent stuff is garbage but i think you're understating how much they influenced many of the 'thrash' bands of the late 80's early 90's.It might be just me, but i can't really consider a band like testament to be anywhere near on par with metallica, Especially they're recent stuff, atleast in their early albums the lyrics were somewhat discernible but in the few tracks of their newish stuff I've heard there is alot of their death grunts and repetition which to me always come across as j
  8. the internet is serious business believe it or not
  9. I think i've figured out a super next level monopoly tactic, it involves buying strictly the properties on the left side of each row, that way you get the benefit of increased house and hotel penalties if someone lands on them but yet the prices to buy houses and hotels are the same. i wonder if this strategy has been documented anywhere.
  10. amscray i like your style, whats your story?
  11. **** poker i've got better things to do like drink and play monopoly
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