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  1. this is so stupid that i don't know how to answer.is stis still an intelligent political discussion?
  2. taht's so true. everytime something like this comes up and the press and everybody starts: "zomg, he/she wasted money, he/she must be corrupt, how can he/she do this, that's so arrogant" and so on, i think: "shut the hell up. everybody would do the same, if he were in the position to do so!" it's the same with managers milions in bonuses or comp├╝ensations. everybody hates them, especially since the crisis, but then nobody would turn it down, if they were in the same position. and since i already used one chris jericho quote, here's another: people are hippocrites!^^
  3. to be fair, Brown might be more in danger than our health minister, since a lot of germans probably heard her name for the first time because of this stupid affair^^to be serious: was obama on a private trip there? because non of our politician would get away with something like this if they weren't at least on their way to something important like g8 summit or something else.but then again, it's something different with your potus and especially obama, i guess...
  4. so right. same here. when bush and later obama went to germany they basically blocked whole cities, keeping everyone inside their homes for days. save to say the people weren't amused. no politician in germany could do this. we even go after our health minister, just because she used her official car with driver during holidays in spain and didn't properly billed it.
  5. why? because i dare to question the superiority of the usa?i have to admit, i don't know your healthcare system very well. but from what i've read, i'd take ours over yours every day.
  6. this. and i can't help thinking that people who transfer everything they fear or don't like to something the nazis did are really stupid. shows that they simply don't know what they're talking about.
  7. He blogged about it already. And I totally agree with him.
  8. actually, they don't. they "represent" the people of gaza, which is the only piece of land they have control over. fatah controls westbank and the plo is still the only recognized representation of the palestenians
  9. did i miss the part where obama said: "oh, and by the way: don't bother thinking about how to spend the money!"?
  10. don't play the bible card. i hate these pseudo-historic arguments why one country has territorial claims or not. if one would use that argument on the usa, the us would have no right to exist whatsoever. the european countries could be in constant war, if they would fight about historic territorial claims.it's not like there's not enough room for israels and palestinians. both sides are just stubborn, simply speaking. the israelis don't want the palestenians living in the land they claim to be theirs because some ancient book, and the palestenians are upset because the "invasion" (from their v
  11. qft. most intelligent post in this thread so far.and they already built a wall, they bombed civilians with phosphor(sp?), they marked palestinians and muslims in israel as 2nd class citizens. and somewhere i read that the more extremist politicians in israel even want to built detention centers to put them in. i don't want to be harsh, but doesn't ring a bell here somewhere?now i'm not going to question israels right to exist (to be exact, there were jewish settlements in that era in the early 20th sentury long before an official state was founded). i'm just thinking about a way to solve the s
  12. sam grizzle and daniel n next to each other? fun guaranteed. damn, i'd love to watch this^^
  13. be careful of the 3 dangerous partners and the secret fifth floor!oh wait.... that was memphisnevermind;)congratz anyways^^
  14. do i really have to specify that? kinda illogic to give obama the benefit of recovering the economy if it happens in the second term of his successor, right? (unless of course, his successor is a total dumbass who doesn't get anything right and going. but i doubt the GOP would be that stupid and let Sarah Palin rund for president...^^)
  15. that's not what i said. more like that:"So we should just let the government do whatever they think and see what happens...because there's nothing we can do until the next election."(unless you want to overtake the governement by force, of course...)That's the way it works in a democracy: you have to live with the consequences after an election. you have to trust* the representatives you vote for. if that doesn't work anymore, what's the point in democracy at all? kinda sad to see a problem with that in the country that invented the whole thing...*or at least trust the law enforcement to make
  16. maybe. but then, what if 5 years from now al the predictions will be proven wrong and the bailouts work and the economy is going strong again - strong enough to work off the debts the bailouts caused? then all the economists and really smart people were wrong.all i'm saying is, that we have to be patient. nothing to do with obama, if there were another president, it would be the same.
  17. @henry: patience is gold these days. results of this "economy wrecking pork" will show after a year at the earliest. and even then you'll be only able to see if obama's policy was able to counteract the worst effects of the crisis. then there are still the aftereffects to deal with before one could even dream about having this crisis solved.well, i think what i'm saying is: we can only judge obama's work after his first term is over. or at least after 2 years. until then, there's nothing we can do.okay, we could waste time with predicting what's going to happen and rambling on about what is wr
  18. and even #3 is flawed, but i'm tired of discussing about economy.can we at least agree to judge his work after at least a year? some things take time.
  19. oh well. corruption is as old as humanity. has nothing to do with political parties.
  20. don't you think that we are bound in honor not to use methods like that, because we're supposed to be the good guys and teach the world about morality? (irony inside after the comma)
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