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  1. I kid, but Geez if anybody should get some run good based on the run bad they've had at the WSOP it's Daniel. I think poker needs a guy with a motor mouth like he has in the November nine because all these Rain Man ****ing button pushing online dudes have really killed the spirit of the game.
  2. Never left always lurk.. very myopic... Luv needling Danielites...
  3. Talk about an ignorant statement. Lederer, Ferguson, and Bitar all drained the players money to pay themselves bonuses and dividends and over pay for Poker shows sponsorship pros and you say that wasn't stealing. Not only that they continued to accept money after black Friday knowing that it would never be paid back. You blame the DOJ for doing their job? I guess you'd have been happy with never discovering you'd been playing with monopoly money on Full Shits...
  4. Well I think more poker players need to get robbed and asses kicked and maybe they'll develop personalities and have ****ing stories... ****ing intranet rain men button pushers.
  5. You're crazy, as team poker stars pro and Poker Vt dude he needs to promote his shit because at this stage of the game that is his Bread and Butter. Paychecks not Payouts....and Cashes...
  6. Love Deebs Honesty... Its been along time since I've heard any poker player on Quadjacks say they aren't the best in the world... (allen bari)
  7. If you watch the video you can see that Deeb and Gus made a deal during the (as reported on poker news) "break"
  8. Hey Daniel, Tuf world series in fact I see that according to the Quadjacks database you're down a quarter mil at the WSOP(not including bracelet bets...ouch). Well lets hope you can turn that bad luck frown upside down on the one drop(crosses fingers). I was watching your rant(great vids) and I saw that in your tour of Pokerstars you said that this was the first time you've ever been to the HQ? Really. Just collecting paychecks? I mean especially after black Friday I would have made an appointment to go to the HQ ASAP. That's a lot of blind faith or tons of I don't give a ****. Maybe a combin
  9. Hey Phil Ivey why haven't you come and told us, your "beloved" why the *f* you're playing at the WSOP this year. Tell me if win the one drop do you pledge to put in in a fund to pay back players from FT
  10. Mr NegreanuFrom What I've read about Ivey's actual lawsuit it has verry little in trying to actually get players funds back. My question is simple.If you had a large sum of money on FTP, you were a pro on FTP, You were not able to get your money off the site, Would you file a lawsuit that would be able to be considered you a "Class Representative" in a Class action Lawsuit so other people with outstanding balances could join the Class Action and try to get their outstanding funds back?Again its my understand that in Ivey's lawsuit as it is written, he(Ivey) cannot be considered a "Class Repr
  11. dude is getting owned.... not even close... He wins all the "small ball pots" and loose Gigantic pots... That Small ball strategy don't work one bit against the best HU online Players...4 tabling is no excuse... he got enough "practice" and Daniel can't pay the 69 bucks for Table Ninja?
  12. NOw I think this field is just 350 or so... So Not that all Gigantic... In fact all his cashes in the WSOP this year come in fields of under 500. I railed him hard at this years WCOOP and in those truly Gigantic Fields he wasn't all that impressive.... Also His cash games plays online are pretty pathetic... even in Eight game.... He is a consistent Looser....Big timeTake Berry Greenstein the few Games I've seen Him play of eight game have been much more profitable online....His Poker after dark results are laughable. High stakes is also pretty bad... And his behavior towards others is pretty
  13. Have a bone to pick?Yeah I guess...but if I do it's because of Daniels increasingly boorish snobbish behavior towards others. Maybe he thinks he is genuinely funny when he trys to be little easy targets like Phil Hellmuth Mike Matusow or others he believes to be "zing worthy".He clearly thrives on attention just as much as Hellmuth because I see no difference between dressing up like Cesar and putting up a video of oneself dressed in black face. Especially when he regards himself(based upon his lines and lines of liberal banter thrown about in this forum) "open minded". So I guess his attentio
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