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  1. does anyone know if daniel uses pokertracker??
  2. the op kinda lacked details. what exactly you guys are talking about ?
  3. "KidPoker: any of you guys know how often bigger PLO games go here?DonaldTrump: neverDonaldTrump: t i l tKidPoker: cant be never? Ive seen 200-400 going"DN vs aba in the future?
  4. i wonder if daniel uses poker tracker?
  5. as good as the guy in your avatar?
  6. This sounds fun im in too. im going to play mainly cash games instead of sngs. Heres my blog.
  7. maybe we'll see them in the big tables on stars? what stakes did DN play on fcp when he would play?
  8. i saw the "live" coverage and not much really went daniels way after the break.
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