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  1. Come on DN, you gotta take BT on in a HU game after seeing how bad your fans wnat you to do it.
  2. Brian Townsend latest blog entry:+1.858M, my biggest winJust finished playing a 18 hour session of 500/1000 and 1000/2000 NLH and PLO mix. I ended up 1.858 million dollars which beats my previous best day by 3x the amount. Over the last three days, I finished up 1.52 million dollars (I had forgotten that I spent 40K on the PLO w/rebuy tourney). The game started with Sammy and I playing HU which resulted in me starting out up about 1 million dollars. Then the game began to fill with Bobby Baldwin, David Benyamine, Patrik Antonious, Brandon Adams, Nenad Medic, Rafi Amit and a few others that are
  3. You kiddies must have never heard Bill Hicks does Stand Up then.
  4. God is important to me. Without God, I am nothing.My life is better when I make God the center of it. When I don't, regardless of any tournament success or accolades, I just can't be happy unless I feel like I'm at a good place with God. Without a close, personal relationship with God, happiness would be impossible.I just rearranged your lines and put them together. You should put those words in a frame and hang them in your room and have a copy of it in your wallet where you can see it everyday.You can rearrange them the way you like it or add a few more lines to it.Make that your Life's 101.
  5. Not the new Gus, he folded Ace 9 in an unraised pot on pokerafterdark.He was underthegun 6 handed, but still that's something Gus of 2005 would not do!
  6. The dude on my right, wow, he was Mr. Nuisance raise, re-raising the minimum, betting the minimum He tried to play a bizarre form of small ball, but also threw in some very bizarre re-raises pre-flop.I want to bet he was an online player, wasn't he?I can understand why it must have been so annoying considering he was sitting to your right. Like you get deal 89s he comes in min raising, so you still get a good price to call, but you don't want to call and then the guy behind you re-raise big, then you'd have to throw away two bets instead of just one bet. Even if he was on your left he still be
  7. -play more video games: I used to be a big video game fan but ever since I discovered poker, It doesn't make so much sense to me to play videogames when I could play poker which has some serious prizes if you win. I guess you get tired of poker if you play it everyday and I'm thinking that you are thinking that playing videogame helps you play better poker-learn a few more languages: How many languages do you already know and why do you feel the need to learn a few more?-end world hunger, lol. just kidding, Greenstein is doing it, why can't you? jkjk
  8. Eugene LevyMatusowInsult DogVahediJim Carrey, He doesn't look a whole lot like Gus, but he is the only one that can make the facial expressions that gus makes and is also vey cool like gusGusSacha CohenGreenstein
  9. Watch the bottom videohttp://www.nolimitmovie.com/video.htmlDid you guys not notice this, because I came to forum expecting to see a big thread about this.Who do you think is offended more: phil hellmuth or phill gordon? :DScotty must be used to poeple getting his name wrong by now.Oh and this is Johnny Nguyen by the way:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1248798/
  10. I tend to diagree. That's pretty much what presidents of Iran and U.S. have to do.Take trips to diffrent places and give speeches that somebody else has written for them.
  11. Let's see how many christians I can offend with this master piece from Bill Hicks:"A lot of Christians wear crosses around their necks. Do you think when Jesus comes back, he's really going to want to see a f***ing cross? Ow! Maybe that's why he hasn't shown up yet...it's like going up to Jackie Onassis wearing a sniper rifle pendant... Just thinking of John(Kennedy), Jackie. We love him. Trying to keep that memory alive, baby. [mimes shooting a rifle] I did that routine in Fyffe, Alabama, and after the show these three rednecks came up to me. 'Hey, buddy! C'mere! Hey Mr. Comedian! C'mere! Hey
  12. The guy has a master and a P.H.D,what did you expect? Bush only got a bachelor in arts. The thing is,that people are underestimating Iran's Government. They are smart,cunning,and charming when necessary. That's how they have been Jerking U.S.,U.N., E.U. around for the past 5 years over the nuclear issue. They are master at making you walk in a circle. Intelligent,you probabely could say that. Friendly,on special occassions.The thing is, he sounds much more inteligent when they translate him into English.You don't belive me,ask your friend Josh Arieh,he can understand Farsi.Don't belive everyth
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