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  1. kobe carried the lakers as much as shaq? whens the last time a team with shaq missed the playoffs?
  2. i would assume he includes him in the 15-20 real pros, but yet i find that kind of odd cuz im pretty sure there are more than that who can play at 1000-2000 successfully
  3. no i know the guy can obviously play, i just meant that if you were talking about people who were favored over daniel, i dont think you can put: chan, freidman, brunson ...its rediculous to put the guy in that company, unless youre talking about online, where from what i can tell, he dominates everyone
  4. maybe onlineprahlad has a WSOP bracelet so I don't think he sucks at live gamesoh i know, but i also know he dominates online, i cant say he would be favored over daniel live, moneymaker has a bracelet as well
  5. Mike Matasow has won 2 bracelets.you totally beat me to it
  6. based on the way the guy played the hand (very aggressive), a reraise before the flop likely would have resulted with him pushing all in right there with A-Q, IMO
  7. did he really ask him that? cuz i dont remember that part. if i laid a beat on somebody like that i'd probably be blushing for days, and keep my mouth shut till he left the area
  8. bad weekend for the krablar with me, i tried to steal some blinds but the BB had aces
  9. cardplayer just lauched a free one too, it pretty much just puts your results on a line graph, but i guess you could use it to keep track of where youre winning, and what game and limits youre winning the most at
  10. the funny thing is that i had been dealt it 3 times before and folded it everytime, finally this time i was like "alright im meant to play this hand" and it worked out
  11. > SaintJoel wins 1,680 with a Flush, Spades> Game # 328,070,054 starting.SaintJoel> hahaSaintJoel> sorrySaintJoel> that was ridiculousim in the SB and raise the BB all-in w /10s-8c he's shortstacked (but not enough to be commited) and i thought i could bully him, but he found a decent K-Qo (my least favorite hand shortstacked late in a tourney). the flop comes 6s-9c-Qs, the turn Ks, the river As!!! i make a flush and he's knocked out, not realizing he'd get upset over his two dollars being gone, i laugh, cuz i did laugh. but in my defense i apologized > nailn10 has left the
  12. just pretend it happened to you in level one of the WSOP
  13. well it seems like a tighter table than im used to seeing, but if you have them in early position on a loose table i think its definitely ok to limp if you know youll be raised, cuz then you can move in the second time around
  14. those would have to be either alot of cashes or relatively large ones
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