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  1. considering that half of the 100k pot from Sunday's tourney came out of his pocket because of low participation, the network problems of yesterday and today's rumors do not surprise me.
  2. how else could a super-power, so advanced and so superior to all the world's peoples, elect a a Moron-King like GWB?of course we are an ignorant bunch of bumpkins... that's why Jesus loves us so...
  3. calcium carbonate in a tub of vinegar over my bed and drift off to sleep
  4. the episode makes more sense if you catch the web-only episode on NBC website
  5. low stakes sng's are filled with idiots who call with any ace, any suited cards, or any suited connectors... reckless players make stupid calls to build a stack early and don't care what their cards are, they just buy-in to the next sngthere was nothing wrong with your play, you just went up against an idiot and he got lucky
  6. since he called your bet and you got a cursory read (he may have had a better flush draw) yes, the check was the correct play... but a river flush is difficult to check on a short table. I would like to think I could fold the Q flush to an all-in (if he had bet it)... but I've made that call too, just file it away for a later final table.
  7. a lot depends on the 'xx' cards, no?scare cards? suited? bluff? I might note the play but I wouldn't concern myself with what goes on inside your buddy's head on any particular hand.depending on the table, I might have two or three scenarios at any time, but I settle on one and proceed... I'm guessing your buddy had a mid-pair and either it held up or it didn't. K was a scare card, or a draw on the flop... I might have tried a continuation bet, but it was all about his read of the villain.
  8. so... you play poker at home with dumb guys?I suppose that is the best way...
  9. it's really very simple... there is no god so there is no sin
  10. all-in is the only move here, short stacked and about to be blinded out, any pair or ACE-FACE from early position
  11. Jesus H Christ was a helluva man... and no more the son of god than I am. I hope the DNA tests come back soon so we can find out which Middle-Easterners are related to him and crucify them too... Hey, maybe Saddam was kin.
  12. I don't give a damn! I will not participate in a forum to enforce unjust laws... if it is a case of theft or injury to another party I have no problem with the legal system. I am sick and tired of nanny laws designed to protect religious dogma. I am sick of the lowest common denominator and their idiot spawn dictating what adults are allowed to do in private, or in public when there is no harm to the public... It is a tragedy that the people are on trial for making a living, growing herb and selling it... maybe all farmers should put their kids in orphanages. Maybe the kids will grow up to kno
  13. if he doesn't mind screwing his credit rating he can skate by... I have been doing it for the past four years, but until I crack a big tourney I won't be buying anything bigger than a used car.
  14. how sweet... I have absolutely no problem ignoring morons or their spawnI would have no way of knowing before the trial about the poor unfortunate rug rats who will soon be entering the correctional system.If the laws were changed their would be regulation and taxation to deal with social problems... and no matter what we do there will be idiots and morons who should not breed.
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