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  1. Does this mean I'll have to find something productive to do this weekend?It's time for us all to get politically active.
  2. To not understand the nuances of such issues is simple-minded. Human interactions are complex: everything is not a pure dichotomy.If we follwed the logic of the above post, there could be no NBA, NFL, etc. without allowing the inclusion of women on the teams. There would be no "seniors tours" or "junior leagues" either. All sports need would need to be integrated by gender and age. There would also be no "Special Olympics" or "Para- Olympics" for those athletes ... etc. etc. etc. There would also be no "men's restrooms" and "women's restrooms" because all public facilities would have to
  3. Why?There are private groups who use the PokerStars play money tables for their own private purposes. Real money is exchanged behind the scenes and PokerStars doesn't get any cut of the action. By playing on the "play money" tables, they don't pay tourney entry fees and there is no rake if they play a ring game.For obvious reasons, PokerStars does not approve ... and the people in these groups try to remain unnoticed.
  4. Yes ... great blog/article.Daniel is one of those men who "gets it" when it comes to women's issues. I'm not sure if he has women friends because he "gets it," or if he "gets it" because he has women friends. But it is certainly nice to see someone of his prominence who understands the issues so well -- and who is not timid about speaking up.
  5. Can we all say "politically correct"? Waaaay to pc for my taste.
  6. Thanks for the link. I've added it to my "favorites."As a nurse in Norfolk, VA, I have known lots of people involved in Navy health care. They do amazing work. It was never the right career path for me ... but sometimes, I wish it had been. I admire them all greatly.
  7. Is Dan Druff actually so stupid as to think that businesses make a habit of donating to charity anonimously? Has he never watched a sporting event on television? Has he never noticed that the NFL advertises its support of the United Way, the PGA gives millions each year to charity? etc. Has he never seen a telethon of any kind?Of course PokerStars is going to get a little PR milage from its charity work. They would be stupid not to take public credit for it. That doesn't bother me at all. Personally, I WANT the poker community to show the world that we are caring, responsible people -
  8. So, what was it like to be on Jeopardy? I can answer the questions at home (like everyone else), but I would probably freeze up and do horribly if I were actually on the show. I would probably say something ridiculous and humiliate myself on national TV.I can understand about some moments being too private to share. It's not healthy to put everything out there for the world to see. But I also think we should acknowledge that a good life includes those types of satisfactions, too -- without necessarily sharing all the gory details.
  9. I agree with those who say he should be getting out and about (and back on the golf course) ASAP. Letterman handled it as well as it can be handled -- but Letterman usually does rise to the ocassion when life gets tough (his heart surgery, 911, the birth of his son, etc.) Tiger needs to show the same class (and the same balls).One thing that bothers me is that now it appears as if half the golf world knew what was going on (sports writers, etc.) and no one said anything. They all went along with the "big con" to fool the public to line their own pockets -- all probably knowing that it woul
  10. You make a good, valid point. I know it's "normal" for people (particularly by those driven by testosterone) to have their peak moments be victories in competitive arenas ... but I still miss the Daniel in the blogs who used to talk about more profound subjects.The old Daniel might have included a few more introspective thoughts in that blog.
  11. Hmmmmm.... I find it interesting that most of the best moments of DN's life have been about winning a game -- or achieving a personal victory in a competitive arena or accomplishing something challenging.That's kind'a sad. While such victories can produce exciting moments and boost our self-esteem, they are fleeting. I was a little disappointed the blog did not include a few more "quiet" moments of deep personal happiness ... of the type that will last a lifetime. Where is the "deep" Daniel who used to write blogs that reflected a more profound bent?
  12. FYI: It gets pretty blurry when you save it as your screen background. That's probably for the best as I don't think my boss would approve.
  13. Maybe if everyone were naked ...Maybe not. There aren't many poker players I'd want to see naked. Maybe the dealers could be attractive naked people.
  14. I work at a children's hospital where the seasonal flu shot (not the swine flu one) will be mandatory this year. If we don't get it, we will be fired unless there is a strong medical reason for us not to. I get the shot every year anyway -- not because I fear a case of the flu for myself, but because I could spread it to someone whose immune system can't handle it. The children's cancer clinic is directly across the hall from my office suite.As for the H1N1 virus shots, no one knows how much of that might be available and who will be chosen to have the option of receiving it. It might be p
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