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  1. Damn she's hot, even after 5 kids, and some of you are putting way too much emphasis on the vp picks. It really won't help or hurt either candidate very much.
  2. I like Biden. He seems like a smart guy, with a sense of humor and it'll probably give Obama a point or two boost in PA and OH. That said, when I first saw Obama/Biden, I did read it as Osama bin Laden.
  3. Obv womens beach volleyball. May-Treanor, Walsh.
  4. Johnny Cash- San QuintinThe Velvet Underground- HeroinWu Tang Clan- Killa BeesPrince- When Doves CryThe Beatles- Helter Skelter
  5. Cloverfield was a horrible movie. The monster sucked balls. I couldn't watch it, literally, it gave me headache. Terrible filming, terrible idea. What were they thinking?
  6. Agree, but Chicago sports fans have no room to talk. Every year we have to listen to them bitch about their shitty baseball team(s), and it's just as annoying.
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