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  1. The real victim here are the people whose fiances make them watch it (w/Sanjaya)... like me! :Pj/k, I enjoy watching the show, and I dont understand why people hate it with a passion like they do.
  2. The sad thing is, Matusow probably found some way to overbet the hand.
  3. MorphyATL


    Hookers and Blow
  4. If you think that you are saving the world when you recycle, well you aren't. If you are recycling because it makes you feel good, well awesome! Keep it up.If a town is forcing its citizens to recycle, well then thats what we call a government subsidy of big business. You see, it costs companies more to recycle most materials than it costs for those same materials to be reharvested or remanufactured. In addition, it often pollutes more than original harvesting. In order to offset this, some local government are paying companies to handle their recycling, and as a part of that deal all peopl
  5. Hookers and BlowSeriously though, I wouldonly move up if you were consistently winning at the lower level and you had enough bankroll to make your preferred number of big blind bets at the higher level.
  6. I love the table talk, but when I watch HSP or PAD with my fiance she makes me mute the TV if Mike Matusow has a bad hand. To me, the point of those shows is to let you feel like you are on the rail at a game with the best. If you guys were all there without the cameras, then there would be tons of talk. That's what people want to see. Within the same night I went from four statues stealing blinds to Daniel grilling Esfandiari about dumping his girl! Talk about night versus day, and guess which I enjoyed more. Although I would like to say that since I'm a noob to the world of spectator
  7. Just want to reinforce what someone said early.Good movie, AWESOME book!
  8. If I ever get the opportunity to meet Daniel, I'm going to try and not make it while he has a 15 minute break! I should be so lucky! My fiance and I might take our honeymoon later this year in Vegas, maybe it will be during a big tourny!
  9. If I min raise, and a pregnant woman re-raises right as her water breaks, I'm going ALL-IN baby!
  10. http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/gwi...306lilburn.htmlThe town of Lilburn, GA is attempting to ban FREE Poker! Apparently they are refusing liquor licenses to any bar or restaurant that has forms of live entertainment on the side. This includes Karaoke (ok maybe not a horrible idea), pool tables, darts, video games, but most importantly (to poker fans) they are trying to get rid of free Hold'em Tournys. For those of us in Georgia who are hundreds of miles away from a real poker table this is the best that we have!Daniel's blog on Kriedler's piece made me think about this... if this is
  11. Actively try to guess what other people have while bored. Even if its just a wild guess out of nowhere. Chances are your instincts were telling you something subconsciously and you can use this opportunity to practice fine tuning that.That said, I suck at the above mentioned activity.
  12. If I had a $10k WSOP:ME buy-in chip, then I would wait outside the cashier window at the ME and sell it to someone who was going to buy-in anyways for $.90 on the dollar. Then I would use that money for hookers and blow. Damn, I'm like Clark Howard...
  13. Ouch, I missed Ohen's post. Somebody needs to delete that ASAP!!!DANIEL!!!! DONT READ IT!!!!
  14. The Wire is hands down the best show on television!One suggestion that I would make is watching it with the subtitles on, for several reasons:1 ) David Simon (creator) pulls no punches with the lingo. Both on the side of the law and the dealers, he will willfully leave you in the dust in order to make his show 100% accurate. Realism is EVERYTHING.2 ) All of the characters have very thick, although very precise Baltimore accents. If a character has lived in Baltimore all his life, you can definitely tell. This can make fast and low conversation hard to understand.3 ) There is an almost secret
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