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  1. I just call this river. This is almost always QQ from a guy with these stats. You will end up calling a 3-bet as well so you have to consider that when you're raising. Also, cap the flop. He might of ended up checking that turn card.
  2. I agree with the rest here. If the blinds are loose I'd just call, but generally I would raise here to get it heads up. A small pp plays better heads up. Against two unknown blinds I would raise. I would never fold this hand.
  3. Another option on a board like this with your good relative position is to just call the flop and raise a good turn card. In this case I would have just called down on that turn card. I think 3-betting the flop is fine as well and I would probably play the hand the same as you.
  4. I work in computer AI and I don't think it will be long before bots will be able to beat all but the highest limits (if they already don't) using the information compiled from things like datamining. I think datamining in itself (that is, compiling information on a tables you aren't playing at) is an unfair advantage and I don't have much sympathy for those using it. You're already approaching bot territory when you do this. Your datamining bot is collecting informatin for you so that you can make better decisions. What if these bots start actually knowledge mining these databases and sugg
  5. Ack, welcome to lost. I like the show (not a fanatic), but the way they drag on the plots and generally just bring up more questions instead of answers has always frustrated me. I like suspense, but this show can sure drag. Last night was definitely the worst one I've watched. I had some unkind words after that. They filmed one episode and split it into two.
  6. Well I think you're right about gambling it up because there's no way I'm faxing that information to them unless it's for a very large sum of money. There's always a catch. I'm just going to play some MTT out of my league. :/
  7. I ran the free 10 up to 80, but their withdrawal process seems quite involved. They require scans of your driver license and utility bill. Is this normal? Anybody gone through that process with this or other sites?
  8. Did someone in this thread actually advocate calling an oversized bet just because they had a bigger stack? Go math!
  9. Obviously left. You want to know what he's going to do before you enter a pot. Same logic means you want tighties to the right so you can play more marginal hands and steal their blinds.
  10. I find them very profitable in low stakes limit games. :/
  11. Please, AQ is a drawing hand and you missed your draw. Time to slow down. Just ask Smash and Lee Jones. They are tight.Lee jones is considered to be one of the weakest poker authors in terms of strategy. This doesn't mean the strategies are bad, though. They're just weak, but otherwise profitable.-adamNote the sarcasm. It's an easy raise of course.
  12. I'm playing the micros at Royal. I had my first real losing session last night. Every hand sucked out on. Was fun stuff. I 3 tabled, stayed even at 2 and was down about 40BB on the other. Joy.
  13. Please, AQ is a drawing hand and you missed your draw. Time to slow down. Just ask Smash and Lee Jones. They are tight.
  14. I've only misclicked once. I raised with KK in EP, got reraised from the blinds, and accidentily clicked fold instead of raise in response. The guy had AQo and ended up with trip queens. I saved myself a lot of chips as it turned out. :)One thing that always happens to me is I'll sit out, go to the bathroom and I return just in time to see two aces being folded for me before I can click 'I'm back'. It's like a slow motion scene from an action movie. I'm tripping over stuff, pushing loved ones out of the way screaming 'nooooooooooooooo' (in that slowed down deep voice') and the aces are f
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