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  1. What is going on with Doyle's room? I had money on their and now it will not let me log on. It says to contact support. I tried but it won't let me.Does anyone play on this site and what is going on?
  2. All,My buddies and I are heading out to Vegas on March 3rd for spring break.Does anyone know a cheap yet quality way to get rooms/airfare? We're flying from Detroit. What are some nice yet low priced hotels on the strip that we should look into.Also, we're going out there for spring break. Outside of me, all of my buddies suck at poker. What are some nice clubs to visit?Thanks for your help.
  3. QUOTE(Pilla @ Thursday, June 8th, 2006, 5:26 AM) I never said Hellmuth was the best but he is one of the 10 best players ever(in NLH). as far as Jordan being the best He isnt Wilt was better Chamberlain was better oscar robinson was better kareem was better next probally Jordan what you dont understand is you are living in the ESPN world and Jordan was ESPN's favorite so the keep telling you how great he was so when everybody hears it over and over they start believing it. As far as the ESPN poll of the beswt athlete of all time how can anyone believe Jordan is the best athlete of all time whe
  4. Is there currently a relaod bonus goin on as of 10-16-2005?Any responses would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. without a doubt, house!....give me some glow sticks biatchess
  6. A lot of you guys are giving me some good information here and i appreciate it.Also, many people believe that I "overbet the whole hand". Once again, this was at the Greektown Casino in Detroit, 1 dollar/2 dollar blinds nl. Every hand there was at least a 10 dollar raise preflop. The table was loose and very fishy. Many people would have called my ak raise of 10 dollars with hands like kq, kj, k10, a10, aj, and the like. So i once again believe this was a justified raise and after the flop bet.Anyways, greektown casino has a very nice poker room......and very nice waitresses.DCsportsguy
  7. and smash, u play like that for 3 hrs in a casino, with only callin A suited/pocket pairs/aa/kk and see how much money you make.......NOT MUCH unless you are absolutely drilling hands. Take into mind that you are paying dealers five dollars every hf hr/tipping dealers/ and Possibly drinkin(which you are probably not).Plus you're not having fun.I'm willing, albeit pretty confident in my poker skills, to put 10 dollars down on a hand where i believe i can outplay my opponent instead of simply getting better cards than him/her.
  8. A lot of people on here need to quit acting like they are god's gift to the damn world and reply without acting like their play is perfect and totally correct. Anyways, I've played casino/online/house( probably more hands than most)....and what i was talking about was in a casino....and it recently happened. To say my ak raise is too much(10bb's oh my god, pleaseeeeeee), IT IS NOT. Yes, it may depend on the situation/table, but no that is not too much. It is a bet to get rid of Ace rags/ pocket pair of 2-8's, even thought it probably won't and at the same time keep the aq-a10 hand in. I k
  9. I've been gettin ace king a lot and have been taking some beats. I have been losing when i call, when i raise, when i play tight and when i play loose with it. My question is, in a nl 100 max buy in, when you get ak and throw out a 10 dollar raise, two players call, and the flop comes in k,10, 7 rainbow. You bet pot, someone raises you all in. What would you guys do?
  10. I just had my first casino experience this past Sunday. I played at a casino in detroit and played 1-2 nl, max buy in 200 dollars. The 2nd hand i played, i looked down and saw two black aces. I about shit my pants and obvioulsy misplayed the hand when i overbet. i started with 75 dollars and through several key hands, built my stack to 250 (which i then blew playing blackjack). I doubled up early when my pocket 8's spiked a set on the flop and checked until a river king matched someone else's hand. also, several other nice hands.Anyways, the real reason i posted this topic is that ever
  11. my opinion is that party poker has the best sit and go's. however, the blind structure towards the end of the tournament seems a bit high for the amount of chips. you start with 800 chips with 10 players. if you learn the technique for success, then this sight is a cake. the answer is being aggressive towards the end of tournaments and stealing blinds often. sit back and wait for cards at the beginning. so many fish and so easy money. also, tournaments can be won in less than an hr.pokerstars sit and go's are a joke. they often take up to two hours and get VERY boring. everyone starts
  12. Just wondering if it is free? Also, anybody use it? Is it worth signing up for?THank yas
  13. jesse, i would like to use you as a referral. what are the steps i should take?
  14. anybody have any any bonus codes/referrals for full tilt?
  15. I like to play 1-2 nl and 2-4 or 3/6 limit. I'm in college so I like to start off with a 300-500 deposit and build up....so far, partypoker has been the most profitable for me. Lots and lots of fish i suppose. I also like to take advantage of bonuses/reloads.Recently, I've been playin a lot of omaha hi lo. It's a fun game and lets you play a lot of hands.
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