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  1. Thanks!I really enjoyed following this, and it made the WSOP much more exciting and interesting for me. This was a such a cool idea, definately do it again next year. I'll definately be putting the chip set to good use!And congrats to Team Cartman and definately update us.
  2. same thing as me, just press stop and restart, it worked for me
  3. Has anyone elses audio cut out?
  4. Hellmuth has such a whiney and nerdy voice
  5. I've liked Matusow ever since I first saw him on T.V. and have been rooting him on since this event started, so hell ya bust 'em donkeys!And to the people who are bad-mouthing the mouth, stfu!
  6. If Matusow wins it will be the most hilarious thing ever... Fuc king donkeys better not bring him down
  7. Those numbers can't be right, I mean cardplayer isn't exactly super reliable when it comes to this...
  8. If Matusow wins I will shave Lady Varkoyni's head :liar:
  9. Go Mouth! Hopefully he will make he top 16 before he destructs...I seriously doubt it though, with all the fu cking donkeys out there...
  10. Matusow, I have him in the fantasy pool :shock: , also for the hilarity factor
  11. Matusow is hilarious, maybe it would be annoying if I was at his table...but as is hes just a funny-ass donkey!
  12. Dam thats gay...The one person i didn't want to lose chips and the one person i didn't want to get chips... :x
  13. People should definately cut him some slack, he can't win all the friggen time sometimes he loses same as everybody. Far as I can tell hes been handling things pretty well and keeping his head up. This is his site give him a little respect. I mean sure people should be able to express their opinions on him, but if all you do is flame and say bad things your not contributing so you lose that right.
  14. Ya I'm rooting on Layne definately. Now thats hes got this far I'm sure hes super focused.
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