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  1. I agree with OP. Rocky is officially done. I recommend Rudy.
  2. Don't listen to these guys. Use the freerolls to start. A friend of mine won two 2000 man tournaments on back to back nights, so it can be done.
  3. Keep in mind that a 7 completes a few other straights as well.
  4. Good luck buddy. I moved there in 2004 and stayed through 2006. Lived outside of downtown, then in North Scottsdale by the TPC. Great golf, lots of bars and people and restaurants, but the positives are easily outweighed by the fact that Phoenix is literally Hell on Earth six months out of the calendar twelve. I'm talking so hot you can't think if you're outside for more than 10 minutes.Moved to San Diego in 2006 and haven't looked back. Just needed to throw a dissenting opinion in there.
  5. Jeff, that's pretty tight, folding preflop. Fourth player in, getting that price, suited. I'm also fine with how this hand was played.
  6. I guess I'm used to players who will auto-fire with any ten or jack when checked to on that river. I do agree that missing out on b/3bet is the best argument against the c/r but I don't think it should be totally discounted.
  7. Sorry, missed that the button called. I would not overcall here.
  8. I think you fold this turn for one bet with all those raises sure to come behind you. You're probably drawing dead and it's not like you have a made hand.
  9. I would see this showdown most of the time. You'd be surprised how often you see two hearts or KJ.
  10. River could be a check-raise. Looks like he has a jack.
  11. It depends on your opponent. In the higher games, this is often a good situation to three-bet since a lot of people will raise the turn with either a draw or a mediocre hand like a pair of tens (and then check the river). In a .10/.20 game, I imagine that kind of thing goes on more infrequently so in this particular situation, I would lean toward just calling down and expect to be good a fair amount of the time.
  12. Call pre if you're stuck, fold if you're ahead. Really simple.
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