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  1. :lol:easilly amused huh? .....not very funny. I guess it doesn't take much when you're 18.GROW UP KIDDIES!!!!!
  2. Watch this.http://www.gammaworld.org/glennbeck/posting.swf Thanks Turd. Very informative stuff! I think I am ready to post again!!!!Thanks for all your support.
  3. Daniel has just doubled through Chad Brown after flopping a set of nines. Daniel checked the flop of 9c9sx, fires out 9k after queen spades comes on the turn. Brown re-raises to 20k, Negreanu re-raises to 50k and Brown pushes all in. Brown shows AK spades for a spade flush draw. Danny has to fade a spade to double up and the river comes King of diamonds!Daniel doubles up to 240,000 with this big pot and is sitting in second place behind the 400,000 stack of Brian Lamkin (?).GO DANIEL!!!!!!!!!
  4. Daniel reads posts all the time.im sure he will see this one.
  5. Any ace head up, I would probably take the chance that i would be favored.why not?
  6. Let's go easy on the guy. He's just excited that Daniel actually sent him an autograph. I'd be excited too. In fact I'm a little jealous. Admit it, you are too. :wink:...Sorry, not jealous. Anyway, I just feel that the kid got lucky and he should keep it amoung his close friends. I'm sure Daniel doesn't want thousands of emails flooding his INBOX asking for more autographs.
  7. Way to go OP. Daniel will have thousands of emails asking for his signature.....JUST WHAT HE NEEDS!Use your head dude. He goes out of his way and sends you his autograph and now you are letting the WHOLE forum know? Wake up loser.
  8. Pokerroom and Hollywood Poker have recently added Head-Up tabs.
  9. http://www.cardplayer.com definately has the best odds calculator out there. I used it yesterday when I got home from the B&M. Realized I was 87% after flop, only to lose to running spades........UGH.oh well. good luck!
  10. Are you kidding me? You see nothing wrong? Are you an idiot?How can you possibly think that poker players (of all people) won't call your bluff on this. You obviously intend to make it look as if it's your article.Should be banned for this. What a moron.
  11. Festa el lago is this weekDoyle Brunson North America classic is the event. It is the conclusion of the Fiesta el Lago. Anyone going to Vegas?
  12. It just sucks when they hit their kicker. I just tell them nh.why would you tell them nice hand?
  13. Some dude sold his for 2,000 about ten years ago.not sure now, but no way is it 100k
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