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  1. Just stick it in on the flop. He's going to call with all his draws/10's and fold his air (which you wouldn't get any more action after you call anyway). You know he probably doesn't have a K since 3 are gone and likely wouldn't raise flop if did anyway so he most likely has draw/10/or air
  2. 89, 9 10, J9, 69 being player dependant
  3. I still don't get why you're re raising pre out of position.
  4. even if BB has been playing tight and straight forward this still isn't a fold 4 handed bubble or no bubble. Besides you should be playing to win not cash.
  5. yea i play there all the time too... all the games there are pretty much money. The tourneys are awful, even the saturday one. Play cash games... also the racing for dollars thing just started back up.. free $$$
  6. These are the kind of posts that just end threads
  7. The average tip for tournament poker is 3-5%. 5% is considered a good tip.
  8. does anybody have an idea what the value of a wsop bracelet is? my friend says he heard it's over 100k but that sounds ridiculous to me... but who knows
  9. just click on the table and leave it open... got in after about 5 minutes... just don't click the ok button for the "table is full" box when you do get in because it will close the table.
  10. I can't do anything but watch... the way i got into the table because it's full won't let me do anything.
  11. oooh mahatma and phil goin at it... this should get interesting... phil always brings comedy to UB
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