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  1. except US players only , they have all these freerolls for certain players in different countriesand Daniel's is for his native Country. which is ok with me, butWhy is there none for just us players. and some countries have so many just for themanyone know why?thanks
  2. Is that the Ontario beer store, negraneu open?? Sorry just looked again it is August 12th.how do you get to play?anyone?
  3. Looked on cardplayer how can i find which tables the players are currently on??thanks
  4. I read all the entries here? I thought Daniel was playing today? Can someone tell when he is playing? and if he is playing now how is he doing?? thanks and good luck to all the fcp players in the tourney!!! And if anyone knows the best place for lunch outside, at the Atlantis>will be there Feb.1st
  5. Why don't u just send him a personal message??
  6. Daniel, Very difficult to keep up with the tourneys, esp. since they are on tv months after it has taken place. So do you know which Tournment is the next one for you? If so where and when i want to be there.GO GET EM.
  7. One of the best questions I have read herehope he responds
  8. I thought i read somewhere where DN has a book coming out, but i have no idea if it is how to sort of book or whatI am very interested in this topic and would love him to respondgreat questions
  9. maybe it is me, but on the old site, all i had to do is right click on the player to make notesi looked everywhere how do i make notes on the other playersthanks
  10. My favorite hand is q j suited or j 10 suitedhate the pocket A
  11. The Chargers played a great game last nightmoved from san diego and miss watching my chargers play
  12. THankssorry for a guess was a dumb questionbut thanks for the answer wonder why i have never seen it before
  13. as a nurse, And experience with calling inthe best excuse that has worked for me is diarrheasorry for the spellingbut no one wants to talk about it, when you return no questions are asked at least for me lmaoor even better food poisioning vomiting and diarrhea is there a spell check here can't find one?
  14. Sorry, if this is not the place to post but have looked.Has anyone else wondered why pepsi and DN commericalwhen he placed in 2ed place???Just love the ad, is it because the winner: Mike Sexton was unable because of his announcing responsiblities?
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