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  1. I am in teaming up with teh sexy Donk4Life. We be shipping
  2. Daniel complains at an astronomical level, it is quite annoying.
  3. im your your tweets are all creamsicles and lollipops Big D.
  4. Just got back from the movie and honestly it was not that good. Decently entertaining few hours yes, but just not a great movie overall.
  5. Hmm the people getting pissed must be the douchebags that will look up someone OPR stats then talk shit saying how big of a fish they are in the chat box
  6. If i thought this deeply about this situation i would probably have to kick my own ass (no offense jamfly). They are big boys, i think they can handle the situation without getting the whole interweb involved.
  7. vn!!! Sounds like a great time!
  8. Mario Galaxy 2 trailor. Looks pretty awesome!!! Hello Yoshiii
  9. Good TR VB. Hopefully someday i can meet you out in the desert and we can eat some cacti.
  10. I am currently stuck on Bald Bull on title defense. Yea, don't be too embarassed... i losst to glass joe as well my first time in title defense . Get ready for a challenge that's for sure.
  11. if i ever cash another tourney ill be sure to hurry to this thread so i can make sick boy's list!!!! (not)
  12. Not in!! I wish i was now tho as i just played basketball and rolled the fuuckk out of my ankle.
  13. just wait til you get to title defense mode =P. Then the real game begins.......
  14. out, gg. Ty for the oppertunity.Full Tilt Poker Game #12523859055: MSOP Event #4 (91429760), Table 757 - 60/120 - No Limit Hold'em - 16:43:47 ET - 2009/05/30Seat 1: ctrimmer13 (3,270)Seat 2: F0RrealS0N (7,582)Seat 3: IIDurerII (4,875)Seat 4: Sayao (12,790)Seat 5: Maxonte (10,150)Seat 6: fitzinabox (11,010)Seat 7: Thundercloud69 (9,110)Seat 8: dni 76 (2,080)Seat 9: stobbert12 (2,680)dni 76 posts the small blind of 60stobbert12 posts the big blind of 120The button is in seat #7*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to fitzinabox [Ah As]ctrimmer13 foldsF0RrealS0N foldsIIDurerII foldsSayao calls 120Maxonte folds
  15. transfer still has not gone through :snvm, got it.
  16. that checkov kid reminds me of dario mineri
  17. I need to get a roll going on FTP... it has been a while. Give me some steaak please. fitzinabox is my screename on FTP. Letter Z
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