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  1. Actually its cash plus a trip to vegas and a nascar package, at least that is my impression. With a 60,000 guarantee that's around 20,000 for first that would have to be one hell of a package.
  2. Hey,The Deerfoot Casino is running a tourney on Feb 3, 2008, Superbowl sunday. I have a seat for this tourney that I'm willing to sell. It has a face value of $350 and the tourney is guaranteed to $60,000.I would also be willling to trade for a seat in the Cash Casino tourney being held on the same day which is a 200+50 tourney.PM me with your offers
  3. Hey guys,Glad you enjoyed your time at grey eagle. I work there and if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone complain about the bar service I could retire. You probably saw me last night, I was the tired looking guy sitting at the craps table, have worked 230 hours the last 4 weeks.If you guys get a small home game going count me in, although I've not very good at this poker stuff so you'll have to take it easy on me. Hell i've probably played with some of you already.
  4. So what your saying is that you've never misread the board/your hand ever? bullsh*t The only people who have never done that have never played poker.
  5. I don't get the roid rage bit. He looks like he's in decent shape but he's in no way huge. Or are you one of those "he works out so must be on steroids" kind of guy?
  6. Actually if you watched last week Phil Laak was even more annoying. He made the friday episode almost unwatchable, He just would not shut up.I've been of two minds about Phil Laak, sometimes I think he's ok, but then after times like last friday I think I hate him.
  7. Hey if their old enough to vote their old enough to donk off the rent money, hopefully to me.
  8. Let me guess, it was Iron Mike who did this? But ya the dealers are quite pathetic at Cash. I'd have to disagree tho about it still being worth it to go there because of the donks. With the number of hands being drastically cut by the bad dealing you get almost double the number of hands anywhere else. Besides the players suck everywhere is Calgary, its very Party like.
  9. You can deal seconds from the top right? So you can deal seconds from the bottom, it's just a bit more difficult to do and harder to detect.
  10. Ok here is the definitive answer -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw9phpym614It will be in your head forever, even if you stop playing it, or even hear just the first few notes you know what's coming.
  11. Guy Laliberté is Canadian (born in Quebec City). Benyamine is French (born in Paris).
  12. I've been waiting my whole life to say this Bob. I bid $420.
  13. To the OP my simpathies for what happened. To all the f ucking poker sites out there how many times does this have to happen before they do something about this. You have a player who plays consistantly from one IP or range of IP's then all of a sudden their playing from a different range of IP's in a different country. This should be bringing up red flags all over the place. It's wouldn't be very difficult to implement this, and the peace of mind this would bring would be huge.
  14. What's great about this is that Afganistan is a land locked nation. The nearest ocean is about 300 miles away.rofl
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