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  1. I would have folded pre flop after the raise it think.
  2. Smart move i would say, better to be safe then sorry as they say lol.
  3. Well i downloaded the final table for the 2006 wsop main event, but it was the espn live version so it did not have the camera on the cards, i was wondering does anyone know anywhere that you can get the card version? preferbly off the internet Cheers
  4. I can not offer any advice, but i will wish you good luck along with the mexican with long hair :PLook forward to the updates.
  5. Will only show if i do not like the guy at the table and i happen to bluff him, other wise i will tend just to muck it.
  6. Try re downloading it, i had to get an updated version after last night. Good luck.
  7. Full tilt :)I have also found though that pokerroom has alot of people playing the low sit n go's. Not sure how it is with the US gone now though.
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