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  1. It's a sad state of affairs when I have to surf through forum postings to discover the problem when a simple e-mail to your CUSTOMERS would have sufficed. It was my understanding that NON-american players would not experience any difference in play times or other issues...........that's what I was told by YOUR STAFF.Moving to sportsinteraction.com/poker
  2. When I contacted support today the representative told me that he had no clue when the changeover would occur and that he was not notified of a timeline for changeover.What this tells me is that they have a serious problem with their software in general which has been very evident while playing on here the last 6 months.I'm really tired of the nonsense, the poor communiciation and poor feedback from their staff and I want others who are considering joining this site to stay away until all of the bugs here at FCP have been rectified.Who knows if my money is even safe as they don't tell me anyth
  3. Is it me or is FCP having some major issues right now? I can't play real money tables, I am not able to see my account information and they have disabled the chat in the rooms.I live in Canada and I've been playing up until today when I experienced the problems.This poker site is terribly buggy too.Many times when playing, the program itself shuts down while i'm in the middle of a tournament. Very annoying to have to log back in, navigate back to my table and resume not knowing how many hands i missed and whether i would have hit the nuts.I would hope they clear up these issues in the near
  4. These posts are hilarious. Thanks for responding. It just goes to show you the kind of people that play on FCP. I'm sure this post will be seen by many and may change their decision in joining. The scam site continues and the operators (paid by FCP) continue to embarass themselves. I was ripped off of my bonus points and now it is obvious to all that there is a problem that needs to be rectified.Have a great day.
  5. I'm sure you are all paid by FCP to cover their tracks and calm the masses that are frustrated with a web site that doesn't work half the time, has incompetent agents-lie to cover their own asses and berate you in the common chat room.I have never seen such nonsense on any site. I realize it's just a skin in line with other poker sites such as pokerroom etc etc etc, i know there are many but you could at least get your **** together-host a properly running poker site before launching it.I'll be sure to pass the word on if my bonus points aren't restored. And it was $50, not $5.00 btw, anothe
  6. Here is my log of my complaint to FCP. What a joke.....Company Player Support Department Full Contact Poker Support Name Leena - FCP Email lvesonathan@fullcontactpoker.com Day Thu 10/19/06 :43 pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------"i see how this site rips people off with their bonus'"--------------------------------------------------------------------------------** You are now speaking with Leena - FCP, Full Contact Poker Support. **Leena - FCP : Hello whoopdeedoo, thank you for contacting Full Contact Support. whoopdeedoo : i've been playing all
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