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  1. http://www.break.com/index/young_hockey_phenom.htmlKid has some talent. Keep an eye on him.
  2. Maybe Chip Reese is so good he doesnt need to fill his brain with things like variation, deviance, and all that other crap. Maybe he just plays poker one hand at a time.
  3. Winner take all is extreme, but final table would be good.
  4. Sine there are 8 teams, it would make sense to have one player from each team at the table. Having two players from the same team wouldnt be good at all.
  5. No, that was quite funny actually. People shouldnt take things so seriously. Daniel, Im curious to know if you saw Team America: World Police and if so, what did you think of it? Its my personal favorite movie of all time. I went to the theatre and watched it twice on opening day.P.S. I agree with everything you have been sharing in your blog lately. It is your blog, and you are entitled to write what ever you want. If people dont agree with your views or your feelings, thats on them and they dont have to read it. But you shouldnt keep your mouth shut and not share your feelings just because
  6. Hour 12 out yet? Now a member of pokerbay so cant go to the site. Thanks for posting hour 11, watching it now.
  7. Did anyone actually believe that Ari from Entourage was based on Jamie Gold? Is this something Jamie said? Im wondering how this rumor came about. Or is it because his last name is Gold??
  8. I dont think it took more than a couple of days.
  9. I have Time Warner and theyr enot shwing it. I am going to order online. Hows the online stream? Is it good quality? 300k, 700k, 1000k???
  10. So did Phil lock up Player of the Year? When Phil took the lead I was happy, then Madsen went deep in his last tournament and took the lead. Then I hoped Phil would have a good ME to retake the lead. I completely forgot about the other events. How many points to the winner of the ME???
  11. Please, tell more. If you accuse a man of stepping on every unfortunate person he could, please elaborate.
  12. There will be no hole card cams. Even if a delay was used so as not to affect hands in progess, players could call friends who are watching the broadcast while on break, and find out how other players are playing at the table. Even without hole cams, it will still be fun to watch though.
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