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  1. Looks like it would be a fun show to watch IMO.What's wrong with a bunch of screwoffs playing pokerand living the good life? Just have to ignore haters.I want to see more.
  2. Thanks. That works almost great. I can't zoom it and if I put the WSOP link into windblows media player it says I'm low on memory??? WTF???I have plenty of memory.I think I figured it out. I don't have Fing rights to watch it on media player.I HATE VISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Anyone know of a good proxy server that'll spoof being in another country to make this http://wsop.pkr.com/Videos.aspx work?Thanks
  4. What's the Supreme Courts definition of income?http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6664849392722125527Make them prove your liable. Wouldn't really matter though. The courts are rigged. Time to move to Russia. :DWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. The prob I have with that conviction is, how can a jury convict someoneof a crime when one wasn't commited and no law was broken??? WTF???The IRS says the law is clear. LINK. Fucking cocksuckers. Lets see the motherfucking law.Unfuckingbelievable.Win some lose some I guess.Brad
  6. Are you liable for income tax? Is there a law that compels anyone to file andself assess a fraudulent tax liability?Call, or write like I did to the IRS and ask them to show you or prove to youthat your liable and send it certified return receipt.You'll never get an answer, but you'll have something to take to court if theIRS tries to act above the law and steal your money.IRS=Hitman for the Fed Reserve Bank.Fed Reserve Bank=Privately owned bank. Not owned by the USA.Hmmmmmmmm. Something is fishy here.Brad
  7. My only question is, how can a site call itself rawvegas and bleep everything out like we're a bunch of censored5yr olds. This is the censored internet for censored sake.Must be voluntary censorship??? WTF??? Who the censored are they protecting??? All these poker sites that bleepcensored censored out are just plain muther censored lame. cendsored censored. Censored it. Censored.If you think I swear alot, you should have heard me when I was 4.Censored this lame shit.I feel better now.
  8. I guess I'd have to invent that stuff. Just tellin it like it is my friend.
  9. What I don't understand is how can someone allow their free will to be replaced with bullshit.And the ability to think for yourself controlled by the church. Talk about PWNAGE.Religion is the worst evil ever conjured up by man.And the sad thing is, the sheeple just eat it up. SUCKERS!!!!Flame Retardant
  10. Has anyone found an all English version of this yet?
  11. My table keeps locking up. Or it just skips my turn. I've had 2 winning handsand have lost them both. I have A Q top 2 right now and it's locked again.I see there's some bugs to work out still. I'm gonna win that $15 if it kills me or takes all day. :)Please fix table #2. It doesn't even show up on the list.Unfortunately I just had to quit. It doesn't work at all :(I'll try the next one.Bradbhaas1 on TexasHoldem
  12. 1st place pays $15. WTF??? 2nd pays $10 3rd to 5th pays $5 and 6th to 8th pays $2.50,9th pays a $1.50 and 10th pays a (I hope your sitting down) a WHOPPING $1. WOW!!!!!Nice site though.
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