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  1. Slow rollingPeople who want to see your cards first. Just show your shit, geez. Especially annoying when they have the nuts or an almost unbeatable hand. Knocking the table when you win or loseLooking like a tool = Wearing shades, a hat and ear phones. Taking forever to make a move, every move.
  2. Hawk


    You hear Jack Binion say the flop comes off suit and even the commentator comments on the bad flop and said it was not suited. So that three diamond flop seems way off. The second one, is interesting because Jack Binion says "He needs a couple of spades or runners to a straight or a five."... that would make sense if the flop had two spades on it. But if it had, then he wouldnt be holding any spades, certainly not the eight of spades. hmmmm..Fishy indeed.My guess would be that the overhead shots were added in post production and is where the mistake was make.
  3. 10K for nobodies sounds about right. I just read that Peter Eastgate got 2M dollars by Pokerstars. According to super-duper-secret well-connected, highly reliable inside sources some guy in Colorado, Peter Eastgate, the 22-year-old from Odense, Denmark, currently sitting 4th in chips was originally a Ladbrokes qualifier. Upon his making the final 72, Ladbrokes offered him $1 million to patch up. Full Tilt then came over the top with $1.75 million, and in the end, PokerStars took it down for $2 million. (NOTE: What I’m not sure of are any “contingencies” in these deals — whether that’s $X milli
  4. I dunno what kind a bankroll you expect to start with 10 pounds.
  5. Its seems like everybdoy and their momma is always wearing their annoying logo during the WSOP. I can understand Joe Shmoe wearing it cuz turing down a few grand is hard to do if youre not you see everybody wearing it. Even top pros who Im sure dont have to worry about the money. So does anybody have an idea or know how much they p ay people to wear their logo?
  6. Yeah, I liked it the first few times 5 years ago, cuz its something you dont see every day. Now he does it on every hand and its getting really old. People who still find it interesting/funny/entertaining amaze me.
  7. I dont see anything wrong with it. We buy people in all the time. I have no problem beating them and they have no problem beating me. We all play to win. We only soft play at other peoples home games. Not at ours.
  8. I use to really like Phil Helmuth because he's really good, but Ive lost a lot, if not all, respect for the guy. I dunno why ESPN thinks we want to see that shit.
  9. What kind of blinds structure are you use to?
  10. Im trying to find out if more than just the final table gets paid. I was thinking about entering a tourney there but I wouldnt bother if only 9 people get paid. And nah, I just dont post here much. I post on other forums where 1000 posts means you've only been there a few days. lol
  11. Does anybody thats played there know the payout structure? A friend of mine said ony the final table gets paid and 1st place gets half the gaurantee.Im trying to figure out what everybody else gets or if thats even right.
  12. I was in a tourney.. 5 guys left. AA vs KK vs QQ vs JJ vs 10's... We all go all in. Board goes AKQJ10... we all hit sets, but split the pot.
  13. Jot this down... Dont go all in with pocket 2's. ever.
  14. Yeah, that tattoo is pretty gross... oh, you werent talkin about the tattoo?
  15. you guys can meet up on E-harmony.com
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