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  1. he made 30 mil in his time with the biggest tourney win being what maybe a million at the WSOP (i think it was m more like 800k) he must have done something right in cash games, his only downfalls were drugs and Gambling which led him to poverty (several times) and ultimately his death
  2. NLHE- Ivey, Ungar(not allive but still the best ever)LHE- HarmenPLO- Ivey, Berman, Farha, Williamson 37stud- Reese7Stud8b- ReeseRazz- Reese, Ivey2-7 TD- DN (did a nice section on it in S/S 2L0- not really sureBadugi (dont even know what that is can anyone explain)
  3. what are the subscription prices for pokerxfactor, cardrunners and stox
  4. can i get in on this i play at stars my limits are .1-.2 NLHE .2-.4 LHE .2-.4 LO my consecutive losing sessions tops out at 8 ( should of been more i won 1 pot and quit for the day just to say i won a session)
  5. whats the "system" you were talking about on your blog
  6. Norny21


    wow if you made those you are really good, any particularly good books
  7. did you know i like tater tots?
  8. risky but i most likely still would have done it but like i said im a donk, you should trust your reads though and if you STRONGLY felt it was bad after taking into consideration the player, how he has been playing, possible ranges of hands, previous hand outcomes where he bet similarly, and the all important whether he was on tilt or not but if you really did read him that way you made the right fold, trust your reads/instincts and you should be in decent shape.......having said all that good laydown
  9. how do you all get that many chips, ive never really tried but the most ive ever gotten is 90k i play mostly micro limits for fun though
  10. Norny21


    is anyone on here good with photoshop, i would like to learn how to become proficient if not advanced but i dont know where to learn from. Any help?
  11. yea i dont mean to advertise but the flopturnriver strat forum is the best ive read so far but this forum feels like home lol
  12. been checking out flopturnriver.com they have some awesome forums though with no flaming, but i missed the flaming so i came back
  13. yea i woulda played that but im a donkey i just couldnt lay trips down there KQ suited is a possibility KK would be too if he was tight but no preflop raise pretty much takes that away, only hand id be really worried about is KQ for the min raise there im gonna call everytime, remember with 2 queens out there he could think you have a king and be bluffing
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