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  1. so I had played in our counties amateur this past weekend, i hold a +1 going into this event with a legitimate chance of making something happen, the 1 thing i don't have is knowledge of this course, its short (6500 or close there) and its very tight with small and undulating greens which you don't see a lot here in Florida..so i shoot 77 in my first round after closing with a double (these things suck) on the last hole (par 5)..wake up Sunday 9 back and real 0 chance of winning, so after my 3rd hole I'm about to walk back into the clubhouse, I'm done. i am +3 already for the day, anyhow i man
  2. this will just be another typical season for spurs, buy some new names and cross your fingers in hopes they perform..i dont see them cracking the top 4 and after giving up a 20 goal a season player they will need the others to step up although d bent is killing it i hope he can stay healthy..as for berbatov i hope he becomes a red devil
  3. upon further inspection you will find the new clubs u just bought to be stronger than your older set...especially when your talking about callaway...they are the worst at bending lofts to make the ball go farther..i bet u the 6 iron from your last set is about 1 degree less than ur new 7 iron...all the way down the line 3-pw
  4. i personally recomend staying away from the sand but if you decide to play around it..cleveland has the best wedges on the market
  5. she wont do anything for quite some time male or female events
  6. so when are we going to see you on TV in one of the tour event? like nationwide or pga?you have a better shot at making the wsop main event final table than playing late on sunday in the john deere classic
  7. keep thinking that any form of poker is harder than golf...even though u either suck at golf or u dont play and continue to show no ability to differentiate btw the 2
  8. i could take a homeless person and in 1 full day teach him how to play holdem..and at the end of the day put that person in SNG and have the potential to do well...i could take the same person to the golf course show him basic golf fundamentals...after throw this person on the first tee and say thats enough after the 4th hole...case in point..DN mohter in law (i think) registerd for a sng then realized it was Omaha in some form she had to print the rules of omaha off the internet and she eneded up winning it..in golf this is impossible
  9. thats another thing ..with golf almost always u can look back and say i left at least 1-2 shots out there..where as poker playing well you cant really say u made to many mistakes..just got unlucky
  10. i dont post a whole lot about poker related articles just because of this reason..every1 has their own way of playing cards i do however throw in my $.02 on most of the golfing threads..just like golf there is more than 1 way to play aces...unfort. DN lost and thats it..done for..history...who is to say DN re- raises and the guy moves all in DN calls and exits by going all in pre flop with aces OMG!!! all in pre flop w/ aces DN your an idiot (kidding) last time i check this guy makes more money in 1 year then ummm...all of us? and he is a PRO at what he doesso lets him play cards untill one of
  11. ur missing the whole point here... as u stated i could possibly win a hold em event with my current skill..there is no way in hell at my current golfing ability i could play in the masters and win ...i would be lucky to break 180 for 2 days, and im a 0 hdcp..any1 who says poker is harder than golf has no idea of what they are talking about
  12. golf is by far harder then poker...poker you can rely on luck sometimes and other times the people you are playing against arent that good...in the case of golf it is you vs yourself/the golf coursei look at it this way..poker has quite a few books out on how do play this and that..golf has 1000+ books/magazines on how to hit out of sand, drive the ball,lag putt...golf isnt just 1 thing it is an accumilation of various skills one must pocess in order to succede..i am a scratch golfer and moving from 0 to + is proving to be very very hard...golfing has its conditions as well..wind, rain, cold,
  13. an "idea" is NEVER a good suggestion..you need a FIX
  14. o yeah i forgot...u come bomb a whole fleet at anchor and we are just going to say thanks and forget about it??read up on iran they have promised to "wipe israel off the map"..they supplied hezzbollah with those missles that were hitting as far in as haifa...they do not need nukes
  15. of michelle wie and her lame attempts to make it on the PGA tour..IMO she needs to do something in the LPGA before (win 10 events or more) before she steps onto the fairways with the boys..she sucks plain and simple
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