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  1. I don't know. I think everyone in D.C. are too busy looking at their Weiner to notice any good we might have done. But congrats to everyone who played at Stars for helping the people of Japan.
  2. I think you may be right. Our government seems to be hell bent on taking online poker completely out. I don't think they will quit until the U.S. is void of such sites. Good letter Daniel. Unfortunately, the majority of the public views us as a bunch of lazy @$$ drooling degenerates. But, the majority of people in this country are mind controlled idiots that can be sold anything with the right marketing. All we can do is try and stand a little higher on our sonny boy shoeshine boxes and shout until we get a few of those snake oil salesman we voted into office to take notice. And the only way
  3. Got really lucky here. Just call me super donk. LOLPokerStars Game #17034946358: Tournament #85346103, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - 2008/04/27 - 16:06:24 (ET)Table '85346103 2119' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: dario929rr (2400 in chips) Seat 2: strikethreez (2516 in chips) Seat 3: happysad (4450 in chips) Seat 4: Mike Gagnon (2885 in chips) Seat 5: Capt B (2965 in chips) Seat 6: Cyphers Fury (4620 in chips) Seat 7: cedloujulgin (2900 in chips) Seat 8: joelamouk54 (2964 in chips) Seat 9: akberliner (4530 in chips) Capt B: posts small blind 50Cyphers Fury: posts big blind
  4. Wow. Am on final tables in 2 SNGs. Half the people on stars are disconnected. We are at a standstill.
  5. In on a 70 FPP sat as Capt B (Houston). GL people. See you at the final table.
  6. You Should Stake me because:1. I finished ITM when I played it two weeks ago.2. I finished 1st in the Thursday night stars .50 cent 20:00et tourney in which there were 2609 of us that played.3. I finished 15th out of over 3500 that played in the .25 cent 21:00et tourney last night.4. I am going to be ITM today, and plan on reaching the final table.Oh wait, I am already in it, as I won a sat and have my seat already. But you can stake me for next week if you choose.Capt B (Houston) on Stars
  7. What did you back that truck into? There isn't a shopping basket lodged up under that thing is there? One used Toyota truck ..... $19,500, One new rear bumper ...... $350, Poker fan arrested for hit and run ..........priceless.
  8. What exactly did he say to you? Did he use four letter words to describe your ancestry? Did he mention your mother? Was your sister brought into it? Be more specific. Did you have a smile on your face knowing you had just performed a job well done? You have to savor these things. Life is too short not to. Then, share these moments with your friends.
  9. Okay bud, time to get over her. Lost my wife after 22 years of marriage 7 months ago. Am 43 and have been seeing a 28 year old gal and a 24 year old gal and even hit a lesbian. (Wasn't great but wasn't bad). If my old @$$ can do it, so can you. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps dust yourself off and move on. So many nice girls out there just waiting for dudes just like us. Go get 'em.
  10. Oh man, What's that smell????? Smells like a feedlot in Pratt Kansas.
  11. I didn't see Oklahoma on that list. C'mon now, you secretly want to be an Okie right? You're getting closer. Real close. Where'd you live in California? Let me guess. Bakersfield!!!!!! Right?????? LOL Just kiddin' bud. Don't blow a gasket.
  12. Hey, glad to have you here. You'll learn. No big deal.
  13. You're from Pratt Kansas for god's sake. What difference does two months make? You could be the richest man in town and still not be able to afford gas to get you to Oklahoma. I think two months in Pratt may be like 30 years in the real world. Dadgum I feel for you. Keep your chn up.
  14. Wow. 2400 posts in a year. Get a job.
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