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  1. If you slow play Aces in limit you are doomed for failure. IMO never slow play Aces in limit for any reason. Always cap PF and flop if possible if raised on turn prob time to fold depending on the board.In NL , for me, it depends on position . Never slow play them from the blinds, once in awhile limp reraise from early position most of time just be aggressive. I like cold calling a raise from late position many people are too aggressive and think they can make you fold "top pair" these people end up value betting the hand for me.Gunnarr
  2. The way this hand was played screams he has the nuts to me. You checking the flop would tell me you could be very strong(which means DO NOT BLUFF). He check called the turn thinking it was possible you had a set when no full house or flush was possible on river he put you all in hoping you were on a set or put him on a bluff.Of course I would never know as I fold that most times. The above is how I can reason with myself into thinking I made a good fold and not go on tilt LOL.Gunn
  3. I find it interesting that 60 percent of those who answered would call as well as the percent to win being 60ish percent.Gunn
  4. One reason I dont mind this call is table image. Even if you are wrong you send a message to the table that you are a calling station, which if you are a good player, can be very +EV.Gunn
  5. Jamies call to Prahlads all in bet with 6-7 or whatever was greatest move in wsop history. He is obviously the best no limit tournament player.
  6. You should call because you are a crappy poker player to get yourself in this position.If you happen to win the hand you should pay your Dad back and take the rest and run . If you lose the hand , well that money would have been lost eventually anyhow.Gunn
  7. Honestly this has turned into one of the worst poker forums on the net. The mods are terrible and the standards are terrible. If I wasnt a Daniel Negreanu fan I would not come here at all to see what he has to say.Unfortunately this forum represents Daniel and makes him appear to accept this as his standard.The reason many good posters like Blair Rodman, or Jennifer Harmon dont return is because there is no reason for them to.Gunn
  8. If this is true he should join up with Prahlad and give him some street cred.Gunn
  9. and about the beer. American beer is like making love in a Canoe....Its ****ing close to water.Gunn
  10. People seam to forget that Muslims and Jews have been killing each other for 1000s of years. Why is it justifiable and logical to state "killing 300 000 japanese is worth saving 1 000 000 american lives", but if a Iranian wants to kill x amount of Jews to save x amount of Muslim lives he is a terrorist or a "nutjob".Now before you guys say oh he wants Muslims to have access to "the bomb" that is completely untrue. I dont want Muslims or Americans or Israel or ANYONE to have the bomb but i know that wont happen.Americans should read some of the posts in this thread that Americans have poste
  11. Littlepoppa,When exactly was Canada's security threatened and they rode your coattails ? Its my belief that American foreign policy THREATENS Canadian security more than anything else. Saudi Arabia is an ally of the USA .....how many 911 highjackers were Iraqi? How many Saudi?Let me answer that for you 0 Iraqi and ......15 out of the 19 were SAUDIS. Dont blame Canada for not being stupid enough to attack Iraq LOL.Gunn
  12. The thing I like the most about being a fan of Daniel Negreanu is that his demeaner and ways of interacting with people around him make you feel like he is your friend. He is just a regular guy just like you.I enjoy his blogs because they reaffirm this belief I have. This blog is no different. There is no "political correctness" here. Its some normal guy with opinions. Ive disagreed with ALL of my friends at one time or another. There is nothing wrong with that. This isnt the first time I disagreed with some things Daniel stated , but sometimes a friends statements which seam wrong to
  13. Jamie Gold is going to lose more than 6 million because of this. If you count lawyer fees, chances he will actually lose the case, and loss of endorsement revenue(his reputation is pathetic no sponser with any brain will touch him). I could see him losing 20 million or more longterm.As the article rightly pointed out , he had better get rid of whomever is advising him PRONTO.Gunn
  14. You yourself answered your own question, you WANT these calls, how the hell would any of us make any money if people folded every time you bet.Dont fall prey to results orientated thinking when you lose a FEW hands in a row.Gunn
  15. One hazard of online playing , especially if you are moving to a new city , is a healthy social life.This is one thing I would do different in my poker quest. When I decided that poker was going to be my job I moved to Vegas. As others suggested, I found I made much more money online than live. I played less and less live and soon found I was playing exclusively online. With this my social life suffered as it was hard to meet new people.If you do move to a new city and start playing mostly online I would suggest make it part of your routine to do social activities like going to a gym joi
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