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  1. we joined within 3 days of each other, and while I've made just over 100 posts, you appear to have been living here with over 4,300. Ahh the internet......where the geeks have power
  2. Let's keep it simple....Daniel is a known wigger number oneHe is also a far left loon number twoHe is also an idiot number three3 strikes and who cares what he says
  3. I guess theres no point argiung with a bunch of crazed negreanu sympathisers. 9/11 was an inside job, Obama is the man.
  4. Loose cannon judgements? that's hilarious. Considering that is exactly what i'm saying about Negreanu.....with evidence i may add. These loons...
  5. Haha how thick can you be, people think the country is on the wrong track at a ratio of 2:1. Yet the race is pretty much tied, looks like they are going with the same party. So you fall into the blind dem category.
  6. sounds like fear to me, i also just realised that Daniel has gone from saying Mccain might be a decent guy.......to saying he likes him.........to saying he's a great man......all in the space of a few days. Shows how sporadically his mind works, far left way of thinking
  7. far left fools like Negreanu, and loads of the other dem crazies make far more rational and intelligent people vote republican, to make sure these loons don't get control.....doing well daniel.
  8. To Daniel Negreanu fans!...............he is a far left douchebag
  9. I think Daniel comes across as a bit of a far left nut to be honest. Feeling like Mccain might be a decent guy?......sounds idiotic, look at his life and military career.....a good man. You could only think otherwise if you were choosing to blindly dislike him for his political affiliation, taking a biased and clouded view is for idiots.....in my opinion. As for his Sarah Palin views, while she is there obviously to appeal to women voters, her political record supercedes Barack Obamas by a country mile. "Picking a random 44 year old woman with less experience than they accuse Obama of having"
  10. stakes are real for the last time, name changes were to give the situation from a more personal viewpoint. plus it stops sad guys like urself from sharkscoping my action which is what u wnt the name for...
  11. "My main reply is that if you get upset enough to post about this, and this is real money as opposed to play money, then you are playing at too high of a level. Controlling your responses is an important part of the game, and getting upset enough to create a 'WTF' post for getting your money in as a HUGE favorite is -EV.PS -- I should know, it's why I play the levels I do. "I worked up from lower stakes like other higher level players. Suggesting I should play at lower stakes, because something like this happens is dumb. My reaction is the same at any level. I don't have to bite my lip cos the
  12. Yep, i've cooled down now so i'm not as pissed. I dnt see this idiocy playing live at anything above a beginners game tho
  13. This guy is not a loose player or aggressive, just a douchebag. He raised every button literally and when I had him he sucked out.This is the last hand to lose my dough.PokerStars Game #11758675421: Tournament #87563664, $500.00+$20.00 Hold'em No Limit - Match Round I, Level I (10/20) Table '59563614 1' 2-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: Douchebag (1940 in chips) Seat 2: Me (1060 in chips) Douchebag : posts small blind 10Me: posts big blind 20*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Me [Kh Kc]Douchebag : raises 80 to 100Me: raises 300 to 400Douchebag : calls 300*** FLOP *** [6h 6d Qc]Me: bets 660 and is all
  14. I've never heard Marco being called Mr Jennifer Harman...lame concept to begin with
  15. If you look old enough you won't get carded when you cash out. If you look 18 then i wish you good luck...
  16. -150 = $1000 bet to win $666+160 = $1000 bet to win $1600Note: If your backing Oscar you can get him at 2/1 on the exchanges..
  17. I'd say your being a di.ck, if you think shooting in the late 70s early 80s means your not a good golfer your stupidly mistaken....ask around
  18. Well considering I have a handicap of 11 at the moment i'm pretty sure i can hold my own on this subject...
  19. nice one daniel. It's clear you no little if anything about gambling/etiquette in golf, neither you nor your poker playing/would be golfer friends are correct on this subject. It would pay you to not comment on a subject before speaking to some real high stakes golfers (with much more experience)...When it comes to betting in golf, the poor judgement or gamble element of the losing player (if he/she is dominated) is acceptable, NOT on a misrepresentation of facts from a lying participant in what is considered to be a friendly game with wagering. That is flat out dishonorable and should not be
  20. 1st option is spot on, Ivey is the untrustworthy ****** not Ram.
  21. From the Aces up your sleeve tattoos to David Williams feeble attempt at getting street cred medallion, what motivates successful players to have this corny ****....Is it just because there past geeks (magic gathering etc) and want to seem cool? What's everyone think...
  22. Very strong point.....and although i do believe i'm one of the minority who can make gambling a profession, it has closed many doors for me in other aspects of life.
  23. I agree more big time pros should play in europe, i also think....off the subject, 6 meaningless posts per thread Balloon guy is the biggest geek/loser on this forum...
  24. Whether they should pay, entirely depends on how the game was set up. If Phil Ivey acted like he was telling the truth (and he was not), hustling these guys in a friendly game is wrong. Add that Ram is a better Poker player (he is) than both DN and ivey, i would suggest a nice home game to settle the matter...
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