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  1. Hey!! Whats going on Zach? Do you ever go to SYR anymore? I haven't been over there in a lonnng time....how have things been with you? Still making the transition to NL?
  2. marion sauce or something like that??anywho...troy is still CL through day 2B.....but I'm sure ya'll already knew that...
  3. Does he post anymore? I remember when he had his $50-$1k thread......but that was a lonnnng time ago
  4. I'll find out what he thinks about this :icon_cool:He's not related to anyone by that name
  5. I haven't posted here a lot...obviously.....but the guy from my local game was the chipleader at the end of day 1D.....he is a pretty good tourney player.......we don't play much online anymore.....just live cash games, but the couple times he has played in one of the majors on sundays he has some pretty good deep runs.....just wanted to give him a shoutout....his name is Troy Weber. Cheers and flame away on the "noob"
  6. I'm bettin the river for value. Might get looked up by AK after the 88 hand earlier.
  7. i agree, the c/r/call down line is better. thx for pointing that out.
  8. It's hard to put him on a range since it is just the first hand, but he could be capping with an overpair on the flop. Something like 88-QQ. But he doesn't cap pf, so maybe QQ unlikely. Not sure how many people would raise UTG with 33, 44, 77, 9 handed, but again since no read, you dont know how he plays. With that said, I 3-bet turn and if he caps, c/c all non K rivers.
  9. i enjoy watching/listening scrubs while playin on the internet. its funny, relaxing, and keeps me from goin on tilt.
  10. .02/.04 LHE or blackjack
  11. steaming over a 50BB downswing?? Have you ever had a downswing before?
  12. I think villain is absolutely value betting his hand on the river. Hero checks three times to him, villain thinks his hand is good, especially after he slowed down on the turn by checking and hero still checks to him on the river. I don't think he was betting the river hoping to get hero off his AK, he was betting b/c he thought he had AK beat.
  13. Damnit, I just typed out a big answer to this and dropped my water bottle on the keyboard and it erased my response. Lets try this again....Depends on the read against the villain. If we think villain will value bet their A10-AQ we can c/r the river. Hero obviously knew villian would value bet here.After villain shows weakness on the turn by checking, villain knows that hero is aware now that villains hand is not that strong. So villain is expecting for hero to value bet his hand on river if hero were to have a bigger ace than villain. Basically by checking on the turn, villain is expecti
  14. Looking at hands like these makes me realize how much more I have to learn with LHE. Even if I put villain on complete air, like the hero did, I like cheap showdowns with A high and prolly would just call. I wonder why villain checked the turn, since this shows a lot of weakness to hero. What if river comes a scare card like a 10, J, or Q? Does hero just call or muck? B/c hero obviously puts villain on a hand like A10-AQ, maybe AK. What if villain 3 bets river, does hero still call??I have no idea what the answers are to these questions and this is why I love LHE so much more than NLHE. So
  15. I dont like slowplaying here on the flop with 5 people in the hand and three people in front checking to you. You have to lead out. If you dont and the CO checks behind, you lose bets.
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