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  1. Wayne, what would the original print of "The Hook", taken by Jack Bowman of the Brantford Expositor, be worth?
  2. "Decimated" leaves the reader with the impression that they had a great pitching staff to begin with (which they didn't). 6 of Pineda's last 10 starts have resulted in Yankees losses & Ivan Nova's last 8 starts have produced ONE win. The Yankees are their own worst enemy & tonight you will see why. There is no sharp money on the Yankees.
  3. Oh please do tell. The entire Internet wants to know who you think is doing blow. I know I won't sleep till you spill the beans. I think Leafs fans have a lot bigger problems than, "who's linning up rails in the locker room". Is Thats what this thread is about this year??? with a lot praying & constant drinking?? Serge just takes a bad situation & make it worse
  4. Are they doing it again this year?Is this site even still around?
  5. I think i lost another $125 that night.My horses didn't run well, either.I might request a HH if they go back that far.Anyone else wanna tag team a MTT on this crazy BUMP?!
  6. 1st member to PM me with poker stars name gets $1.75 for 18 man turbo NL holdem
  7. anyone who has a pokerstars account can post here to let me know what SnG we can play in to cash $.I have lost $275 this weekend and want to change my luck.If you accep this stake you are agreeing to transfer me back 1/2 the winnings from the tourney and the $2.20.lemme know
  8. Sure would be ideal if you could write off your losses in Canada!!!Can you do this in the States, I assume you can if you can claim your winnings?
  9. DNA, bcause he's the only user whose name I recognize from 2006 when I was on here alot!
  10. I was typing here after you pushed the hand before.Didn't see.
  11. The feild's down to 1/2 in the tourney you played.
  12. What about the guy whos staking everyone?
  13. are you the only one in?What did you have when you shoved preflop?
  14. I've returned after 10 months JUST to rail you guys!GLWhat are your SN's?
  15. 13-3Pretty good record, I'd say!14-4 if you count my longshot picks.Either way it's 81 1/4 %So, next weeks picks will be available to "FORUM MEMBER'S ONLY" for the low DISCOUNTED rate of$19.99LOLI'll post more picks, and I'll be able to do it earlier this week.Ole Miss really surprised this week, I'll have to re-evaluate their risk reward potential this week.Iowa was my biggest let-down even though it was only by a half a pointAuburn didn't manage to cover but I hit them on the Moneyline.I would have gone 2 for 2 with both my picks but, CAL did manage to beat Washington ...IN OVERTIME
  16. Fortunately, The wizards at the BCS have nothing to do with the lines your bookie will offer.Florida St -4.5That's about a two to one upset!Doesn'r look very likely.
  17. Texas pulls it out but didn't look strong, just looked lucky!Tough break on TEX -6I had them @-6.5
  18. Nothing wrong with keying on one game but, for me, I am kinda what you call an "action junkie".The way I look at it....If I really love a game alot and I bet everything on it, I ask myself "What am I going to do for the rest of the day?Wisconsin +6.5&UNDER looks like a win.So does Louisville and UNDER.And Missou & Miami.Gonna go perfect this week?thanks fo rthe replies good luck in the 2nd half of the day!
  19. here are my picks:Louisville/Syracuse UNDER 54 (unless Louisville scores all 55!)N.C. St./Maryland OVER 42 (two awful offences but, two SHITTY defences) two Horrible teamsMississippi +22 over Arkansas (just too many points)Auburn -33 over Tulane (Auburn's angry)U.C.L.A +14 over N.D.BIG BETSMIssou Straight upAuburn Straight upLouisville Straight upMiami Straight upL.S.U Straight upBama +11.5Iowa +13.5Wisconsin +6.5 & UNDER 55.5Rutgers Straight up, and with the best "D" in the nation I'd have to lean towards the under 42.5Unlikely smaller bets....Was
  20. I can't beleive I read the entire thread and no one mentioned that it was in the wrong topic untill 56 messages deep!Is there still a draft in the U.S.?One of the toughest men I knew once said "I ain't got no quarrel with no Gook".Now, as racist as this sounds, I agreed with his point.What he meant was, "He didn't want to go to fight a war in Vietnam"He didn't go, and I doubt I would have either.He also went to jail as a result.I'm not a tough guy but, I think I would rather serve time in an American prison, than spend a week in, say... Lebanon, or Afghanistan.I'd beef up with best roids money
  21. its not that I can't log in or out , it's that I cant create a new account.
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