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  1. I had this convo a while back and I assure you I hate him atleast as much or probably more.... I wish we could ban people and when they asked why? say because they reminded you of Great Dane. Dane's constant I think Im better and smarter then you and Im such a good guy for sharing my awesome knowledge with you really pisses me off. On another note, he was the first and only person to flame me just for being a newb but hey, you learn to avoid him and not read his posts because they always find a way to **** your day up....
  2. When I was younger I was the sixth best chess player in the country for my age behind the homeschooled kids, but I take my tic-tac-toe game seriously. Very seriously. Ive been known to get into brawls over it...SW about the tic tac toe but not the chess...
  3. No I took KK vs JJ & JJ (4 card flush by 1 of the JJs) which sucked a lot but KK vs AQ was my worst beat because it was for so much money.
  4. I have KK at the 10k AP 100 dollar buy in and have 40k in chips and average is about 35k. under the gun I limp another player limps, the drunk maniac (chip leader who has sucked out w. A9 vs QQ and other great hands) goes allin. I call and see he has AQ. I cringe and cringe even more as I see a flop of A 10 8. ggal I got 356 dollars for 8th and First Second and Thrid paid 2900, 1900, and 1150 respectively. I would have had the chip lead too....
  5. Just took it down for $1925!!!! Woo its nice to get average luck sometimes!!!!!1111eleven11!!!!eleven!!!!!!! Dominated the final table by pushing every1 around
  6. Hehe already registered him under my FT search so he will be back! Update: on a board of Q226Q I hold Q2 for the boat and all the $$ goes in like a 260 dollar pot.. I win and ask what he had? He says trips... I say yeah man you cant fold that there... He says hell no man I got balls! I say yeah man i hear ya thats like AA vs KK in holdem preflop... He says yeah man i go big! I say hell yeah man your a real man, Id puss out probably... he says I feel that man your right, I did it all right but got unlucky. !!!!!!! OMFGGGOMFGQQQ!!!11111eleven11!!!eleven!! This is beautiful Im not tellin him a th
  7. Id say the most important part of omaha is position and not valuing aces so hi. Since atleast 2pr is need to take down a pot AA isnt so good... Position is sooo important so you dont get sandwiched and can control the action.. Plus you can also steal pots if you are in position because you saw the action..Bottom line, play aces carefully b.c. they are still good, play mainly from position and finally also play suited connectors or double suited long connectors...
  8. Im playing 1/2 pl O hi as we speak. Im sitting with a fish. He thinks that hands like AAAJ are top notch..... However, he is a very nice guy... Do I tell him with his game when he leaves or not how to play b.c. I like the guy? Does that violate the helping the fish rule??
  9. OUT!!! I had 107xx on a board of 1076K10.. He turns up KKxx for the turned set!!
  10. I unfortunilty must play such a kick *** event. Costed me a whoppig 26 bucks (SW for all you rkigs)
  11. Those exist???? Gasp!!!!! Thats got to be more boring then watching trees for 3 weeks! LIMIT play money!! hahaahahaha
  12. Well since everyone knows how to play holdem and its super popular OF COURSE they are going to put it in the movie or TV show because that is "the cool game." Would you rather see Bond sit for like 4 mins in agony and reluctantly call with his two pair and say woooo i knew you had a straight draw booo ya!! or would you rather have the super smart bond who knows exacly whats going on? Plus 7 card stud???? Yeah all of the non poker players can follow that!! Looks interesting too, whatching one person bet 1/250th of his stack lol. I don't even know where to start with your rap music comment ....
  13. All of you keep saying tran or KFL will take it down. You forget that 1 guy has twice as many chips as these two combined and the structure is as Daniel described it "A crap shoot!!" If Jamie Gold could beat AC and 7 others by just using his big stack then I figure this average Joe should be able to beat 5 players doing the same thing.
  14. Tell the story!! Tell the strory Id love to hear it!! Oh and BTW did you see the Borat movie? Ill stake you 5 bucks for the story.....NOT!!!!!!
  15. Not to be as much of a tool as you dane. You were the first person to flame me for responding to someone as a newbie (wtf everyone has to start sometime) and you always post with this pompous I think im such a ****ing genius attitude and I'll do you guys a favor by posting with my egocentric attitude because my opinion is obviously the most valuable thing in the world.
  16. Happened in a wsop event this year.... Guy folded his AA and he had 1/2 or 1/3rd of a big blind and was the last bubble... I love when people try to pretend they know everything...
  17. You dont know this before you agree to run it twice... you cant say lets run it twice, see cards you dont want to see, and then decide running it twice is off.... its like mucked cards... you dont know what they are so they dont matter but if you did, it would alter the odds....
  18. Lets not be gay or anything.... how about p.e.t.a.suxd.*.c.k.
  19. Yeah ive got an expert rating in chess...... Your best bet is ICC chess (internet chess cafe) Its also called blitzin chess. If you google either one, you should find the website. It is pay though, but you can play for money I believe. I used to play there, and there were a couple thousand online at any given times including atleast 15 GMs usually. Otherwise yahoo is your best bet.
  20. Thank you. It just pisses me off that Americans are in general great people, but a couple of loud and idiotic Americans completely **** up our image and reputaition by professing how they "know everything about what everyone should do and everyone else is always wrong" Then then they wonder how in the world these other countries hate poor old innocent me??
  21. As an American, I think everybody should be entitled to free speech. Should we be allowed to complain ever about Canada or another country besides our own? If you think the answer to this is yes and that Canadians should not be allowed to complain about us, that is making a double standard my friend. This is the exact reason the entire world hates us.... When stupid idiots like you state that freedom of speech is terrific, but because im an American and I say so, you cannot say anything bad about my country.
  22. Busted a while ago.... had QJ and sensed weakness he called my 4.5x raise w. KQo nh sir
  23. I was thinking about making this thread after i saw his J9 and tptk plays.... ROFL nh dmitri nh All the money was in the middle on day one for him and he had JJ the other guy had QQ on a Qxx board..... runner runner quads...
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