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  1. not a site. its a skin. all the work was done except for a little ms paint.
  2. forum names and "site" usernames are different. "logging in" should get you into both.but not with a skin!Shrug, i guess I'll try the promos but keep my roll on Fulltilt
  3. ok first off I am CarolinaO (grrr) on the new siteI'll start. things that suck about the new site.1. the forum is now slow as hell2. the O on the end of the names thing. should have been warned and been given option to pick another. that sucks *surprise*3. no chartermember designation, or way to tell if you are one.4. just a skin, (was never fan of pokerroom) but figured daniel would be unique and "fix" what is wrong with all the other sites and actually have the ability to improve his.next!
  4. just for kicks: glasses...MouthNgyuenLuskeRaymerHellmuth"rocks and rings"diariwho else "look" includes glasses.
  5. In the spirit of DN.I can't officially confirm or deny anything, but...a *hypothetically* certain pro may be doing a promotional lecture and tournament hosting for our company.oh yeah, and I'm going to go heads up for a BIG chunk.More details to follow.hint: glasses
  6. if my wife reads this, edit: $500 in my pocket and $500 in hers.....
  7. I have a 2000BB bank roll. I keep $20K in the bank $10K in the safety deposit box $5K online $4K in my safe and a grand in my pocket .
  8. I've heard it 3 ways.a person who is a "cooler" has bad luck that causes others to run bad when they are around.a hand that is a "cooler" is the ONLY hand that can beat you, or nuts when you hold 2nd.a "cooler" card is one that freezes the action. ie. you have nut straight and a 3 heart hits or the board pairs.
  9. As I posted a couple of weeks ago, I landed great job as a Regional Director for WorldPokerTavern.com.Now, I've gotten the go ahead to share the wealth with you degenerates (love ya, mean it)As loyal posters of FCP I'm extending a $50 referral fee to you guys (and gals) for EACH tavern to sign up with us. So wherever you hang out and know the staff, pass the word.refer them to the site and me directly brent@worldtavernpoker.comif they say.. "blah" from FCP referred me I'll transfer $50 to the site of your choice.I can email you promo materials to print for them if you wish. Just message me.Qu
  10. 1.) 7K+2.) No3.) Poker Mountain, Empire, Fishtank,4.) Yes5.) I give over under at April 07
  11. little under 40K (after the IRS hit)would like to go 6 digits.
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