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  1. The depositors freeroll that I was talking about today. 141 entrants with $500 prizepool. It's worth depositing just to play the 7 x $500 freerolls you get. One of the admins just said that there is a $100,000 freeroll coming on Dec 22 with only 2000 players, Umm! That is pretty good value.
  2. i probably would have played it the same. maybe more agressive preflop depending on position.
  3. i usually dont care about freerolls because the field is often too large for too little money, however i noticed if you make a deposit at this site you get entry to the next 7 days of daily $500 depositors freerolls and they have hardly any entrants in them at all. sign up thru this back door link http://www.poker.com/bonus/ and it seems you get instant entry to the freerolls after you deposit.they also run these other daily freerolls, you need to play raked hands to get access to them, but the fields are so big now its hardly worth it. $3000 daily FR, with a field of almost 700 is lame.
  4. the bluff poker tour have a stop on sunday 9pm est with $30+$5 and a WPT seat worth $10kive been playing the BPT around the place and its usually only under 200 players.apparently, the seat is ADDED to the prize pool, so you get the normal cash prize pool and a $10k seat.check the tourney details when you sign in, go thru this page and get a totally free $3k freeroll entry coupon and 30% bonus when you use "bonus3000fr" on signup, http://www.poker.com/bonus/btw that bonus too doesnt expire, when i signed up to party i had to do the raked hands within 1 month on poker.com you dont have a time l
  5. I like Paradise Poker a lot, make a fair bit of money there .. I have recently started playing at Poker.com too and have made a gank load of cash from their fish. I think they are more fishy that Party Poker.comHere are the links.http://www.paradisepoker.comhttp://www.poker.com/bonus/http://www.partypoker.com
  6. i noticed you replied to my other post too .. did you lose money there? are you one of the fish that i beat? haha, i detect some hostility towards this site.
  7. i dont like how you cant break the tables out into seperate windows .. but what the hell .. ill use any software if im making money.
  8. hey ive been playing at a site with some good tourneys, its easy money, more fish than a seaworld and great tourneys with big payouts and low entries. The site is easy because of the domain name, all the new players go to it. you can get yourself a nice 30% sign up bonus too and a $3000 freeroll entry if you use this code BONUS3000FR when you sign up thru this page: http://www.poker.com/bonus/I like this site because the bonus is paid for $1 for every 10 raked, which is easy to keep track of, no stupid stars or crowns or some crap.Also, the bonus is like .. not time limited if you know what i
  9. I am playing these $1000 Guaranteed Freezeouts .. its $20 + $2 buy in but there is only ever a couple of tables to beat. The whole site is soft as butter .. omg easy money.Check it out, if you go to this page you can get a 30% deposit bonus and a free $3000 freeroll entry if you use the code BONUS3000FR http://www.poker.com/bonus/
  10. Ill have a crack at something.. muppet
  11. i read an article yesterday how apple is going to use intel chips in their computers now instead of powerpc by IBM.the apple forums are going off, people are all angry! loli think its a good thing, i cant wait to get an apple laptop with apple looks and formfactor but with a processor i can use windows on! lol.muppeti love poker.com huge freerolls
  12. hey guys, i am new to the forum, i have been a regular reader of daniels blog and started playing poker online about 4 months ago.i usually prefer to play poker at home, but the money to be made online is crazy!i have been playing the $3000 daily freeroll at poker.com for the last few weeks, i think its really new so they only have about 150 players in it.if you wanna check it out, visit the bonus section for detailshttp://www.poker.com/bonus/muppet
  13. there are only about 150 players in the daily $3000 freeroll at poker.comi have won it once and come top 10 twice also.they have $5000 of freerolls every day, check out http://www.poker.com/bonus/
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