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  1. Wow. Someone with a brain. I don't give shit about the money. I didn't feel like writing an essay on the entire hand. I was pointing out that I suck and don't have the ability to throw away a big hand. I didn't realize this forum was full of douchebags.
  2. 2-4 Limit Hold 'Em me : Ah-Kh Some guy who'd been chasing with bottom pair/gutshots all night: X-X Flop: A-A-8 I bet, he calls Turn: As-A-8s-4 I bet, he raises, I reraise, he caps it, I call. River: A-A-8-4-2 I check, he bets, I call with my last $3. The biggest fish at the table flips over 8-8 and I'm broke. Talk about demoralizing.
  3. I folded aces to a reraise this morning, but I had two unsuited rags to go with them. He ended up having my outkicked. I think this is only a terrible play if you know you're the best player at the table, and you know you can outplay them all for a nice profit.
  4. Congrats on the final table. I finished second out of nearly 2,000 in my first ever Seven Stud high/low tourney, and I haven't broken the top 50 since. If you don't get cocky like me and keep playing at your best, the results will continue to show 8)
  5. "I love play poker!" CPS is the only thing worth watching on Bravo. Phil Gordon's phony reaction shots almost gave me several hernias on several occasions
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