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  1. I haven't been funny since the Rooseveldt Administration, it didn't stop me from making Road to Zanzabar.
  2. Thanks for the memorysOf things I can't forgetJourneys on a jetOur wond'rous week in MartiniqueAnd Vegas and rouletteHow lucky I wasAnd thanks for the memorysOf summers by the seaDawn in WaikikiWe had a pad in LondonBut we didn't stop for teaHow cozy it wasNow since our breakup I wake upAlone on a gray morning-afterI long for the sound of your laughterAnd then I see the laugh's on meBut thanks for the memorysOf every touch a thrillI've been through the millI've lived a lot and learned a lotYou loved me not and stillI miss you so muchThanks for the memorysOf how we used to jogEven in a fogThat
  3. Brittney, Kevin.. thanks for the memories.
  4. I cry everytime is see that "Oh God" movie.. I cry because they didn't give that role to me, but instead to that overrated hack George Burns, who's been stealing my bits for 8 decades.
  5. I've gotten to know the good people of the sixth circle very well. Tough crowd. But you'd be a tough crowd too if you were being boiled in blood.
  6. FYP, you young punk.
  7. Thanks... for the memories.
  8. young punks wno respect for legends of comedy..
  9. Hey Renae.... I heard you could suck so good, you could wake a dead man... well, chop chop.. milton berle's boring my *** off in hell...
  10. Yeah, this account is pretty much just a set up for that line.
  11. Hey, news flash, I'm Bob Hope.. when was I ever funny?
  12. Listen up, you smart assed little *******, they named an airport after me, because I was the greatest entertainer of the 20th century.. I preformed in EVERY decade of the 20th century, I was the true 5 tool threat, vaudefill, radio, movies, television, broadway. I entertained troops all over the world. Fcking reagan has an airport, and all he ever did was have a cok teasing tramp of a wife.
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