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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with Daniel and his family.
  2. I havent seen much discussion on this question, if I missed it, I apoligize............but..................Why is stars suggesting you deposit in your bank, and NOT to use a check cashing service??Seems strange to me, idk.This really sucks, ldofml
  3. drewjax


    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
  4. In-n-Out is sfobv awesomer. I miss it I would be even fatter if I still had access tho!Raising Canes has AWESOME lemonade. Get it with the 6 pc. Caniac meal and make sure to get extra Canes sauce.They put crack in the chicken and the sauce, I'm pretty sure. Once again, you have been warned. (I will steal a good line whenever possible )
  5. -got married on a 110' schooner in boston harbor at sunset-spent a month in ireland for honeymoon-got my wife and I kicked off plane on way to said honeymoon-shot 102/80 on the same golf course same day (second round in awful conditions......mid may in minnesota ftl)-been arrested 3 times & locked up another with absolutely no convictions of any type-cashed 2/2 times playing sunday million (ty yoda!)-coached a city championship little league baseball team 23-1 (only loss a continued extra inning game)-my starting pitcher in first round struck out 18 in a 6 inning game-coached two future di
  6. If you are from Indiana and havent had it yet, you MUST get yourself some In and Out burger. Double Double ftw!!Also, for a quick and delicious lunch, go to the bar at Emerils N.O. fishhouse at the MGM. Bowl of Chowda and Banana cream pie, and you will leave a happy man.
  7. Pinochle is a great f'n game. I have never played double deck though, I hear thats nuts.Anywhere online to play pinochle sng's??
  8. lmfaorofl @"Notable pros eliminated: Shirley Williams"zomg
  9. Is there any specific registration process to be a part of the Neg-O?Or do you simply register for the tourneys and play?Now that this is on stars, I might donate to you sharks!!
  10. "The next time I say lets go some place like Bolivia, lets go some place like Bolivia"...................."next time".Seriously though, best of luck.
  11. I would like to see Surindar win one. Classy, solid, player.
  12. Dont know about that song.But....He was singing a bit of Genesis last night! Actually more like reciting, but he was quoting from "Jesus he knows me".Not even close to one of thier best songs, but anything from the G-men rules.Oh ya, and Genesis will be touring the US in the fall.Cant....friggin.........wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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