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  1. Don't pay at check in, then at check out ask them to check your card and see if you played enough to get it comped, or just ask a pit boss and see if they can do it. Most of the casinos offer a poker rate, GoldStrike's is $35 for weeknights with 5 hours of play I'm not sure what the other rooms are. Just call and ask to speak to the poker room host and they will guide you through it.
  2. I was there a few weeks ago... played mostly at the strike and the shoe. There were lots of people in the casino, the poker rooms weren't packed but plenty of games. Don't have any info on the tourneys. There were still as liberal as ever with their comps, never had a problem getting a meal and got all our rooms comped as well.I'll be there again in a couple of weeks after graduation, so I'll let you know if anything is different.
  3. I was actually thinking about going to this with a couple of my friends from school here in rolla. I'm not a big fan of protesting I just kinda wanted to see if the organizers were going to speak and wanted to hear what they had to say. I doubt this will do anything other than give the news a few min but it will prolly get overlooked on a national level unless fox news decides to push it.
  4. Anyone selling off small pieces of themselves???
  5. I don't know if my opinion is one you value, but I would start with guitar tabs and learning how to read tablature. This will allow you to learn some songs and recognize them when you play. Once you get into it and get calluses on your fingers move on to chords and such. This would be a good place to start I really like this site for guitar tabs.Guitar Tabs Also,Guitar Chords
  6. I agree.. there just wasn't any interest last night...
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