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  1. it will be back up on the next blog entry, it's still "on" the site just not linked to
  2. lol and of course play money, lmao, i'm a poor web geek
  3. anywhere from 5 - 9 handed at 100/200 PL
  4. ty, it's been nice, hilo is my game for the last few years - i get a lot of raised eyebrows for playing almost every flop though. updated: During current Omaha H/L session you were dealt 531 hands and saw flop: - 75 out of 76 times while in big blind (98%) - 71 out of 72 times while in small blind (98%) - 374 out of 383 times in other positions (97%) - a total of 520 out of 531 (97%) Pots won at showdown - 106 of 130 (81%) Pots won without showdown - 6
  5. i'd like some feedback on this if possible please?During current Omaha H/L session you were dealt 361 hands and saw flop: - 51 out of 51 times while in big blind (100%) - 48 out of 49 times while in small blind (97%) - 258 out of 261 times in other positions (98%) - a total of 357 out of 361 (98%) Pots won at showdown - 70 of 89 (78%) Pots won without showdown - 5this was on pokerstars and i hit a royal during this session, first one on pokerstars. heh.thanks,chris
  6. Kill a new born baby at midnight during the first full moon of each month. and u are credited with 100 pic post coins.(well thats how i did it anyways,) or u can tryget the url of the pic., right click on it and go to its properties, or open a photobucket account, or even from a URL address, and you use the button then paste the location then close with the same button, make sure u have ur BBCode on, and ur HTML offthat's the funniest thing i've heard in a long time, i was lmao
  7. ^-- Not a fan of the racial slur. ^-- Not a fan of the racial slur.Me either. Why is this being allowed? People get in trouble for flaming morons but this guy can make racial slurs?deleted, trying to watch over forums and building the new one is a tedious thing.
  8. wait, couldn't the mods and admins agree on a fair price for ban requests? say, throw in pizza for all forum members and a nice cold beverage and anyone that asks will have their ban request rushed through processing?i'm just sayin
  9. actually, that's definitely not the case; there's a team behind the site, it's not just daniel negreanu and chris bigler anymore... hasn't been for a while - since sometime last year when we started the community forums - there's a couple years or so in there and what i'll loosely call plans in progress to build upon fcp's strong foundation. but... i will remind you guys of one thing: a little thing called weekend at daniel's... which i'm positive cost a nice penny or three to make possible.
  10. 80,000 to 100,000? Wow, someone is ripping you off big time. It doesn't cost anywhere near that amount to run a personal type website like this. Even with the bandwidth costs, server costs, domain name costs, and web design/maintenance all in one. if - this were "just a personal site" with a forum - ran only - by one person with no future expansion, goals, dreams for it then sure, i'd agree.you're not factoring in site management, reporting, a few people being on call to make sure things run smoothly, content research and development, upcoming services, etc. don't forget it takes a team to do
  11. agreed, thank you, i live here, "love" here and am officially raising my sunkist up as a toast... loosely translating into i am officially a nerdside note: jayson, if you read this post, fedex me some sunkist and send me the tracking # yo
  12. i am a chris bigler, but not that chris bigler, though i noticed pokerjunkie.com has "that" chris bigler as being me. hmmph. yes, check that, it's also on my mental list of things to do... move all email functions to a domain that doesn't have poker in the domain for filtering purposes - of course emails would still be filtered on content - oh well.
  13. your avatar was 250k, that's extreme.in my reply to you earlier on this i gave an example of viewing any thread with a full page of replies being roughly 10mb for a single page -- if -- all posters had avatars like yours.if there's a problem please let us know the best way it can be resolved in your opinion and keep in mind this isn't a forum about ozium rules and his avatars. it's here for a community of members to hang out and discuss poker.
  14. it was me... kidding, only kidding, this is on my check list for the upcoming forum guys.chris
  15. oldadmin


    as i said in my pm to you keep them clean please
  16. as far as spam... links aren't indexed by search engines through the forum so it's us "humans" only that "index" the links.
  17. I always use http://www.newegg.com
  18. I always use NewEgg; http://www.newegg.com
  19. there was an issue on saturay but it's been fixed now.
  20. I did I did...Just made sure the ban was in effect, as well as, banning from the site in general. If he's smart, he'll be back with another ip... typical.
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