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  1. ok..i guess i'm alittle behind. If this topic has been discussed already elsewhere..i apologize.
  2. Daniel brought to our attention the article on poker newshttp://www.pokernews.com/news/2006/9/two-million-questions-one.htmDoes anyone know the two authors of this 3 part article? My question is, why in the world would 2 people take all the time and energy to write such an indepth article?. Its got more jargons than a physics paper. No real solid answers from the officials. And it looks like their up coming 3rd part will most likely be an explanation of "staff error"? on maybe during the chip off?Is it me or does it smell like its a cover up to a more sinister circumstance that Harrahs does no
  3. I start a thread to Thank Daniel for this website and somehow we are now talking about a guy named Ron Canada!!! HAHAHAHA...That's what I love about this site. You start talking about something as simple as a thank you and you end up analyzing the life of BOB and I gues one HOT SHEEP.
  4. I don't think anyone's thank you for while. I'm sure it costs you a good nickel. But thanks again for making this website.
  5. I'm lucky I have a wife and son who understands. The poker lifestyle is a terrible one. Most women cannot handle it. You must find one that really loves you and take the good with the bad. And always remember to spend at least ONE whole days of the weak with her. If you can't get away ONE Whole day away from poker per week...then you are an addict. In trouble.
  6. Ok..pretty funny stuff but I can't believe that you were not in conversation as much as you posted. I'm sure you gave them 3 allot jabs. Or has the married life left us with a kindler, gentler, more reserved Daniel?
  7. I guess if we base this vote on Personality the percentages wouldn't change either!!Duke maybe has a lead on looks? Nope.As a better dresser? Nope.So where does Duke have a lead on Jen?Oh I got it. She's a better flirt.
  8. Granted he has 9 bracelets but this video is a joke. Purely a Helmuth cashing in on his fame. For on thing, there is no secrets revealed. You are much better buying books on poker. Now I understand why he is the most disrepected good poker player around. I think the problem with this dvd is that is geared toward novice players and give only enough information to be a knowledgeable player. But if you are interested to make poker a living then there is much more information people need to learn that Phil does not reveal.
  9. Personally, I enjoy reading the controversy, gossip and bickering that goes on in forums. As long as its done without any foul language or inappropriate attacks. Without the bickering, it can get a little boring. I even enjoy some of the arrogance I read. We are not text books. We are a community. So lets all act like a community and have controversy and bickering.
  10. Dutch, for some reason you seem a little defensive. hmmmmm. I believe you didnt' get the point of the article. Let me shed some light.Daniel, wrote the article because he is as perplexed as most of us why some Asians do so well in the tournments. The reason behind it is pretty much anyone's guess. If you look at the numer of Asian entrants in Major $10,000 buy in tournaments the number of asians are small compared to the field. Like the last WPT in Tunica. Maybe 30-40 were Asian Males out of 512. that's less than 10%. And yet 2 of them find themselves at the final table. With a few threatening
  11. WE NEED MORE ANGER AND SARCASM IN PEOPLE'S POST. Your post was too nice and polite. We need more stuff to laugh at and redicule so we can put our 2 cents in because well...that's all we have. is 2 cents left.I FORGIVE YOU SINCE ITS YOUR FIRST POST BUT LATER..PUT SOME WEIRD STUFF ON TO ENTERTAIN US!!!!! LOL
  12. 30% of Americans have donated some kind of financial aid to the Tsunami Relief. I would like to see wha the percentage is for poker players. I know..I know..this thing is not going to be accurate.
  13. I Mostly play on Party poker. And I've been doing qutie well. I had no interest switching to PokerStars until tonight.I am watching the Tsunami Relief Concert and PokerStars just donated $400,000. WOW!!Someone in the poker community shows that poker players are human too.I"m going to give PokerSTars a try now.Anyone know if there was any other poker site, poker room or other poker people that have shown humanity that the poker world are not made up of mostly uncaring people?
  14. I really like the ideal of all these book reveiws by Daniel. Without preaching and telling people to read and learn all you can, he shows us. We see how enthusiastic he is on reading othere people's material and the readers may start to think "Hey..maybe i'll give the book reading thing a try too!!"Here's the number one player in the world reading other people's material. hmmmmm hint hint :think:
  15. Most no limit games in casino, the blinds are smaller than a 4-8 game but the betting will average more than a 1020. My winning percentage is at 90% per session. Much higher than a ring game. Most no-limit games, the betting is done pre-flop or after the flop. The question is for a seasoned pro. I don't think you need to be a seasoned pro to really find that no-limit is the better game for the long term success.
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