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  1. Thanks, doubt it will help much though. Oh, and by the way, i love this thread, at least someone hasn't came in to argue about gummy bears....Que Justblaze........
  2. Not to be critical of this (but i will anyway) but....I enjoy coming to this forum and of course the ocassional argument, but take a look at many of the threads around here. While a forum is a great place for the disucssion of ideas, it seems that most threads just turn into pointless long winded arguments, then comes the name calling, and the original point of the post is completely lostTake Smashes last update for example. Smash clearly explained that he was on tilt and explained his process. Then justblaze comes in and states his opinion poking fun at how everyone appears to kiss smashes a
  3. This thread turned dirty!Anyway, I like the idea.
  4. Yeah, i got something like 25 bucks a while back and blew it all. I was free and it wouldn't let me cash it out, so i played some high limit table and lost it real fast, i had to go to work anyway and didn't want to get my hopes up all day about getting to play.
  5. My wife doesn't mind me playing, but it's important too balance time for both. Take it from me, women hate being neglected I'm not allowed to play online for real money from our bank account because i lost $200 one night playing completely drunk. It was bad, I looked at the hand history and i was capping bets preflop with like 7 3 os. Anyway, I sneak money in here and there and play very small limits, but I have had good success playing live. I'm pretty sure as long as I keep winning, she won't mind me playing at all.Also, it works out great. She doesn't want to come watch me play because
  6. I have played 4 play money tables at party many time, though not recently, wonder if it has changed. Have you looked for any particular settings involving that?
  7. I said no, tee-hee-hee.Seriously, i know to the penny just exactly how much money i have lost playing online poker, late at night, drunk off my keister, sun's coming up, out of smokes.My wife took my debit card
  8. calling a raise preflop with 2 3 is a gutsy move, but it is something I have done once in a while, just to see if i can get lucky. That's not really a bad beat, just a loose caller who got what he was looking for. He know his 2 3 was a worthless hand, but he played it for a reason, and hit that reason.Sry.
  9. Hard to define, I try to change gears quite a bit to hide the fact that i mainly try to play premium hands only. I'm a bluffer at heart, but it always depends on who you are playing.I'm probably semi-tight/overly-agressive
  10. i'm registered on poker mountain as "Solinar" but thinking of changing my name to "JohnCrapper" because that's my handle on most other sites.I only have one rule for poker$$$$ -- Standard Tournament Play -- $$$$ Go all in, in the dark, pre-flop, 1st hand.You'll be a millionare in no time.
  11. How much does this cost, how long does it run?
  12. Typically I sport a propeller beanie and Groucho Marx glasses, but only to the casions. At home games, i just wear my birthday suit. And i'm fat, so you know it ain't fun for the competition.
  13. Good post, but as opposed to the other 9,000,000 posts that are just long winded arguments, this post does not need to be argued with or commented on. I know it's ironic that i'm posting this, but seriously, let's not argue this post for once please, just follow it.Thanks.
  14. This is actually a great idea, I would love to watch this! Mabye I could actually figue out how to play this game then.
  15. I'd have to go with Mike the Mouth. While he may be a great player (and he is, his winnings prove it) i just get embarassed for him. While trash talking is one thing, he just takes it a bit to far and just ends up making an ass out of himself. I hate watching him play, just my opinion.
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