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  1. congrats guys I was there and had no idea.. kinda funny
  2. yea makes sense now that i put more thought into it. just thought thats like 93 sunday mill at first.. lol
  3. I have never had a backer but if someone trusted and believed in me enough to go 20k + in the red I would do whatever I had to with my own money if need be to get that number back in the black. Does the backer get 100% until makeup is gone? 20k is a lot of money for online tournys isnt it . I didn't know swings got that high.
  4. I like the raise of 7.5 preflop but if you get called I think a open-farrell on the flop is the way to go just so you dont give any info away. Keep em guessing fellas.
  5. DartsBeerpongBuckhunterHorseshoesShuffleboard
  6. How is what doyle set up any different than what durrr did? They both think they have a edge setting these games up the way they did. If you have a prob with what doyle said then you have a prob with durrs guidlines also correct?
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