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  1. pretty stupid question really, but it just got me wonderingpretty late in the tourney, not quite at the bubble yet though, average stack ~20 big blinds, i have ~15 big blindsim dealt 55 under the gun. i didnt really want to just limp, because chances are someone will raise preflop at this point and i only have 15 BBs. also didnt really want to raise from UTG with a hand only as strong as 55, especially since if someone reraises i will have put a fifth of my stack in with a a standard raise and be faced with a tough decision. also didnt really want to fold a pocket pair. what is the standard pl
  2. i often find it helps when my table is too aggressive for me to handle to just start play 2-7 triple draw and razz while they are still playing holdem playing. they just dont expect it!
  3. well in the first case here, although 4:1 odds is quite large, its still not enough for a gutshot straight draw. and you should never make decisions based on the size of your stack in an EV sense. what i mean is, that if it is a negative EV decision, just because you have a large stack doesnt make it a good play. it is still a -EV play. especially in a cash game, since you dont need to bust him out or anything.in this second case, you most likely had the odds to call with such a big draw. (dunno how big the pot is though). But again the fact that you are on $30 should not affect your decision!
  4. i remember a little while ago you uploaded some kind of video on another site of every hand you played from one of your tournament wins. do you still do that and if so will you do it for this one?
  5. yeh you guys make a good point. i guess it was wrong to c-bet. well you live you learn.
  6. not really. he hadnt been doing anything unusual though
  7. ok so we're still at the stage where the money is virtually meaningless (~$30), and if i were to go out here im not happy just cos i cashedFull Tilt PokerNo Limit Holdem TournamentBlinds: t600/t1200(Ante: t150)8 playersConverterHero: 27305Villain: 12842average ~20kPre-flop: (8 players) Hero is UTG+1 with 9 9 UTG folds, Hero raises to t3600, MP1 calls t3600 (pot was t6600), 5 folds.Flop: T 5 J (t10200, 2 players)Hero bets t6000, MP1 raises all-in t9092, Hero calls t3092 (pot was t25292).Turn: J (t28384, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: t28384)River: 4 (t28384, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main p
  8. i was having a look at shark scope and noticed the sit n go shark tool. does anyone know if this is any good? im usually a bit of a sucker for things like this so thought i would at least try and check it out first!
  9. I said you wouldnt believe me. frankly i couldnt care less if you did so im not trying to convince you of anything.by the way the story is true. and to be honest it has been heard all around the world. he goes round preaching on the subject. but like i said you will all be too stubborn to believe it so there is no point in me trying to convince any of you. i was just proving the point that the thing holding people back from believing is not the fact that they havent seen any miracles. miracles can be incredibly faith building for someone who already has a faith but personally i have never seen
  10. this isnt meant to come off nearly as harsh as it sounds! i'm in no way criticising you for not believing and saying "you're too ignorant" or anything like that.
  11. I can almost guarantee that you wouldnt. why is someone's leg regrowing any more amazing than someone's back being glued back together when it has been snapped in half? i dont think it is, yet i can tell you i know someone who was in a car accident and his spine was snapped at the bottom and God healed him overnight and he could walk normally the next day. but this wont have any effect on you whatsover, your eyes are just so closed to the idea that God might exist that you will just be too stubborn to believe it. witnessing a miracle is really not that life changing!of course i could simply ju
  12. wow that was so moving it felt like it needed music to it! and the camera could have been slowly moving in on you throughout. simply beautiful!
  13. i dont think christians would pray if they never got any kind of response. when you pray you dont just sit in a dark room talking to yourself like a madman.what people say to when someone gets healed through prayer? freak coincidence, trick of the mind, not an actual healing, god?
  14. i would be pretty proud of this present for my mum as a 12 year old!
  15. who said its a waste of life? you're implying that christians dont have fun lives and dont actually enjoy their christian lifestyle, that christians are only christians because they have to be because if they arent they will burn.
  16. I tried "run as administrator" and that seemed to make it work. could that be bad runnning it as administrator? dont really know what it means, i just tried it cos thats what you have to do with poker tracker
  17. I realise that betting bigger gets rid of draws, but my question is what pot odds would most people call a bet here? what percentage of the time do we think he actualy has the flush?
  18. It will work the first time I run it after installing it, but then after that if i close the program and try to reopen it again nothing will happen and i have to reinstall it to get it to work.I have a pretty new PC and I'm running vista.has anyone else experienced these kind of issues?cheers
  19. If you ever think you've over reacted, check this kid out:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwOv0xg31nk
  20. The last time i played against really bad players, i pretty much limped most hands, and whenver i hit anything decent played it really hard and fast. worked perfectly. but to be honest ive only had the chance to try this tactic out once, since before this i used to just play really tight against them, which didnt work for me cos i just didnt get the cards, and i havent played with those guys since then.It was probably luck that i hit all those hands, but you definitely get paid off when you hit.
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