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  1. that's exactly correct!! my aim was to not play this hand standard/conventional/by the book as you can see by the strange no-raise/reraise pre-flop and leave the important decision on the flop. The flop seemed perfect from the checks and thinking i can disguise my hand further by checking also and can maximize my trap on the turn. The turn seemed harmless for the 1k overbet making it seem like a bluff and evidently it worked since villian called. I'm thinking that other 8 on the river was harmless also so it was an obvious call and well............................Villian did have the 8 spit
  2. $10 buy in - Home game - 5 handed. 1st hand of the tournament.Blinds 25/50Preflop: Hero is UTG+1 with Kc KsBB raises to $200, UTG calls $200, Hero calls $200, Button Calls $200, SB folds.Flop:($820) 10s 4d 6h (4 players)BB checks, UTG checks, Hero checks, Button checks.Turn:($820) 8cBB checks, UTG checks, Hero bets $1000, Button Calls $1000, BB folds, UTG folds.River:($2820) 8h (2 players)Hero checks, Button goes all in $1800...........I bet over the pot on the turn & he calls. Villian is usualy a tight/conservative player so at that point i'm thinkin he's slow playing a big hand also.easy
  3. i think this bastid is bluffing...............call lol.
  4. thanks for the replies gents!!! really proving valuable for the knowledge-bank posting hands on this forum.Your right about not making decisions based on size of stack, but in these three cases it just made my decision less tough i guess knowing i'd still be up $10+ (buy in amount) if i lost any of those hands but should never base decisions on it at all.Could somebody school me on this EV thing, i've read about it briefly when i first started playing but was way over my head back then.again you guys continue to help me improve my game, greatly appreciated.
  5. Yep, that's pretty much the jist of what i have read about cash games. Another example of taking risks that i probably wouldn't normaly take in normal tournament play on the same night as the hand i posted above..........heads up - My opponant hit top pair on the flop of A 3 7 he has gone all in for his last $3 into a $9 pot or something, my odds were like 4-1 i'm holding 45, my stack is about $16 i'm on a gut shot i call $3.......i hit the 2 on the turn.....i bust villian..........another hand where i took a risk on that same night with the same player several hands after above hand........
  6. $10 buy in Cash game. 6 handed.Blinds 10c/20cHero($40)BB($12)Button ($20)Preflop: Hero is SB with Ad 8dBB raises to $1, 3 fold, Button calls $1, Hero calls $1Flop: ($3.40) Ah 7d 5dHero checks, BB checks, Button bet $2, Hero calls $2 raises to $5, BB calls $5, Button Goes all in $14, Hero calls $14, BB calls $14.Pot: ($60.40)Showdown: Hero Ad 8dBB As kcButton 7h 7sTurn: 9cRiver: 9d--------------------------------------------------I made my flush but unfortunately it was a 9 giving Button 9's full. I read numerous times about cash games to take more risks than you would in tourna
  7. aahhh, nice and thorough explaination. You guys have been nothing but fantastic. Learning so much!!!I understand now why he played AA well, compared to the beggining when i thought he played it poorly by poor betting. It's lessons like this that prove very valuable to a learning mans game.My game has improved alot within these 9 months. My play, when i do play hands properly, proves successfull most of the times as i have made almost a 1k bankroll within the 9 months (which to you guys might not be alot but huge to me as a biggener lol). Seeing your advanced knowledge just makes me want to lea
  8. it's all gravy gents & i greatly appreciate the continuus replies.I had my tight image in mind when i check-raised the flop, from history playing with these doods when ever i've check-raised i've had a big hand (trips, 2 pair etc.) and used that in this hand. I didn't know wether he did put me on two pair untill the hand was finished and he told me he put me on two pair on the flop from the check-raise. So it did work but as everybody stated i should have check-raised again on the turn and bet out on the river.Also what does it mean when you say when he just called the raise he used pot co
  9. just as long as i don't come out psuedo-sarcastic.................animosity is good, it will keep my violent drinking habit company.
  10. looking forward to more replies gents. I'm learning alot just by reading peoples posts in this forum,
  11. it's like i lost the ability to read, why did i not see the river card? and why did i think he had a 9? i am so m-bare-assed. :/
  12. it would be more fun to act weak especialy if the player gets chip-happy.
  13. whoops, will either way..............as the pro's say don't bust on a lousy pair........or something like that.
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