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  1. TARP cost about 245 billion, almost all of which has been repaid or is on track to be repaid.The entire US budget in 2010 was about 3.55 trillion.The poker bust is still horse---- though.
  2. Thank you...KK<QQ...oh, well...Is it the same password all week? I didn't record the show this week.
  3. Really like these.http://www.chipsandgames.com/index.asp?Pag...mp;Category=156
  4. 1- Scott Montgomery has a blog?2- You (or anyone else) read it?
  5. Probably wouldn't want to mention this if you're at his table on day 2a. It might distract him and prevent him from playing his best poker. (from Bluff magazine) WSOP: Day 1a Chipleader Eric Cloutier Facing 15 Felony Charges * Brett Abel | July 4, 2009 at 5:44 pmEric Cloutier has a mountain of chips and, apparently, a mountain of legal troubles back home.With the fame and glory of being a standout player at the World Series of Poker comes a major spotlight.The attention Eric Cloutier, chip leader after Day 1a of the Main Event, will receive may not be the type he wants, however.According t
  6. Our last home game had an unusual run of set over set. We don't even have a shuffle machine, so I'm pretty sure the Copags were rigged.
  7. Best Trip Report ever.Hoping that 2010 is my first WSOP. Wish I still golfed.
  8. So, basically you're guessing that he couldn't do it anymore when he was 22, because he suddenly and unexpectedly left his house for the first time in 5 years?
  9. The IP isn't going to help your cause at all. It's the dive you stay at if you're in Vegas for a bachelor party and you don't want to waste any valuable Spearmint Rhino cash on a hotel room.
  10. Short-stacked, SB w/ A-2...BB has A-A.thank you and good luck.
  11. 420 left375th place.slowly bleeding to death...
  12. 205th place is mine.I can taste it already.
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