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  1. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Jeff Beck at the UIC in Chicago.Stevie Ray Vaughan/Eric Clapton/Robert Cray. The day before Stevie died. I saw Stevie live 8 times.Buddy Guy at Legends.Albert King in a very small club.Soundgarden opening for Neil YoungRadiohead opening for REMBrian Setzer at the House of Blues
  2. No Kathy didn't do the same thing, it just that everyone else swore not to have sex with her........
  3. Ryan update: Ryan is doing very well and the Dr. said that the Pet scan looked good – he has two more chemo treatments and should be done with his treatment the end of July. If it weren’t for the hair loss you wouldn’t even know that he was sick. The Dr had said that he can no longer feel the tumors in his neck. But the Doc didn’t go into much detail about what the Pet scan showed except that it looked good. I am taking that as the tumors have either shrunk or they are gone – he will have another Pet scan once the chemo is done – but the Dr. said only a couple more and that will be it. I’m
  4. hardkorbeatz are you really st8 outta moscow because I'm Russian.С вашими словами Вы доказали всем нам, что Вы - задница! I will post a Ryan update soon.Thanks to all who have prayed or sent kind thoughts.Good Luck and God Bless
  5. I would definitely go with Ping irons and get them custom fit for your swing. Ping does a great job with fitting for club weight, grip size, lie angle, stiffness of the shaft. ect. You can also get fit for their driver as well. They are pricey but well worth it in the long run. Golf magazine does a club test every year with players of different skill levels testing the clubs and the Ping driver scored best with all skill levels.Ping IronsPing DriverCobra fairway woods. Good LuckMule
  6. Ryan update:Ryan did so well with his first chemo treatment that they are bumping up his schedule so that he can get his next treatment a week early and there is also a decrease on one of the tumors in his neck. Thanks to all who have prayed or have sent kind thoughts.God Bless and Good LuckBrian (Mule)
  7. I need some help for nephew Ryan. Ryan is a 15 and has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's. The cancer has spread from the lymphoid to his lungs, spleen, intestine and bone.Please say a prayer Ryan in hopes that he will make a full recovery.Thank you, Good Luck and God BlessBrian
  8. Chicago Blackhawks traded Dominik Hasek to the Buffalo Sabres for Stephane Beauregard and 4th round selection (Eric Daze) in 1993.At least we got Daze out of the deal.Too bad he's only played in 20 games over the last two years.
  9. Mule

    my hawks suck

    The Hawks will never have a chance as long as they are owned by Dollar Bill Wirtz(DBW). Reporter "Mr. Wirtz with the team struggling offensively and having cap room, will you have your GM try to land a higher priced forward?"Witz " Derr hmmmm grrr aaaaaaaa hmph"Translation "What spend money, NO!"ps.I'm still shocked that DBW didn't have pay toilets put in at the United Center.
  10. Ranger 4 Thrashers 0after 2 periods
  11. You can count me in. LAST PLACE IS ALL MINE.......
  12. You could try www.pokerlistings.com for reviews. Hope it helps
  13. I'm German and Russian. Does that make me a stubborn hot head... :think: LoL ( @ )===:::
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