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  1. Of course I am not offended by those who disagree with me. But I probably do have a right to be offended since you questioned my motives... You should learn to discuss poker without attacking others. Then, perhaps, you will be as open minded as you like to think you are.Im starting to think the reason people take so much personal offence to my comments IZ B-CUZ I DUNT TYPE LIK DIS, LOLZ. When people are confronted by those who they can pass off as juvenile, or immature, they think to themselves "oh hes just a kid, i wont even bother explaining to him how wrong he is". However, when they are fa
  2. everyone thinks i am hostile today! tell you what, go read RGP (you can access it at www.recpoker.com) and tell me if you still think im hostile. If i were to post there using the language i use here, i would be chastised for letting people off too easy. This is me being nice, i guess im just a jerk at heart
  3. Well if you dont understand what im saying, it would be hard to disagree as you would not know what you are disagreeing with. The reason most pro's dont play online for 'large amounts of money' is because there are not games online with stakes that they would consider playing for. The big game at the Bellagio is 4k/8k. Find me a site with those stakes. If there was a site with players regularily playing these stakes every pro would jump at the opportunity to play them, but there is not. There just arent enough people with this kind of money. All of them are already in vegas. Even mid-level pro
  4. I guess you've lost a lot of money online. I am not looking for a fight, but what you are saying doesnt make any sense. First of all, why would 3-6 Limit be the same online and live, but high stakes NL be different? they are both the same game. They are both texas holdem. I have a suggestion for you. Go watch 3-6 at your local card room (or the taj mahal or whatever) for 4 hours. Then go watch 3-6 online for 4 hours. I guarantee you will find that 3-6 live is much wackier than 3-6 online. I have another suggestion for you. Go watch 25-50 NL live at the Taj. Then go watch the 25-50 NL game on U
  5. This is ridiculous. No one here is qualified (with the exception of smash, assuming he does have 100,000 hands poker tracker'ed which would make him exceptionally qualified) to assess the randomness of a shuffle. What i CAN tell you is that qualified third parties have determined over and over again, via examination of hundreds of thousands of hand histories, that all of the 'big 4' poker sites are using algorythms which are generating random shuffles to within statistically acceptable margins of error. It is impossible to 'crack' the algorithyms. 5 years ago, it was possible as the seeds were
  6. Easy fold. You dont want to be in a coin toss with the only stack that has you covered. You have plenty of chips to wait for a better spot. You have to figure he's smooth calling you with AQ or AJ which are basically the only logical hands you could expect to see that you would be dominating. Almost any other hand he could concievably have is a coin toss at best, and at worst a heavy favourite to your hand. Id be heavily inclined, though, to put him on a mid pair. And LIPOKERPACK, i dont see how 'anything goes' on the internet. Is there a different set of rules being used that im not aware of?
  7. I've had a copy reserved on Amazon for months. As of a minute ago, it has still not shipped.Hardcover or softback? because the hardcover version is still only available via doyles room.
  8. Geez where does all the nastyness come from? I'll tell you what, you can believe me or not -- your choice. I'm not going to drive home to copy my personal logs just to prove to some unknown person what I already know is the case.It amazes me how easily people get offended on the internet. I apologize if you took offence. I was merely stating my opinion. Smash presented a theory regarding the differences of limit and no limit poker, and you refuted this theory. If you are going to be offended by anyone who disagrees with you, perhaps online forums are not for you. Why do you come here? i know
  9. None of which is in dispute. I was just pointing out that the lack of alcohol has absolutely no effect on the legal minimum age of entry. The illegality of underage gambling, except when on indian lands which are not subject to the same gaming laws, does.
  10. You know what MY business is? following these people around and taking their money. seriously if you get frustrated by people making calls that are mathematical suicide, you probably need to find a different hobby. These are the people you want to seek out, and play with for as much time and money as possible.
  11. the whole book assumes you are already a decent player. But due to the obvious marketing value of Doyle's name, many a novice will buy it, and buy into it without understanding what they are buying into.
  12. Well, eventually, to the house, but thats not the point. The speed with which they lose their money is a function of the betting rules, not the skill required to play the game. Limit is a much more scientific game, allowing for much more skill. The best player in the world can lose half his roll on one bad session. You would have to be actively trying to lose money in order to lose more than 5 or 6 racks in a limit session.Think about it this way: You can be proficient at NL with maybe a years worth of play. To truly master limit can take decades. The nuances of the game are much more subtle a
  13. If a casino not on indian lands banned alcohol, they still couldn't allow 18 year olds. The alcohol is not what makes it illegal, its the whole gambling thing.
  14. Apparently Spirit Rock aka Mahatma has switched names again... idunno how they keep letting him switch though. I guess when you put that much into the rake you have a little more sway...
  15. RGP archives have the structure of the 2004 WSOP... www.google.com or www.recpoker.com
  16. I think you are refusing to provide him with numbers that suggest otherwise, probably because you dont have the numbers, or you do have them and know that he is right. I agree NL online is ridiculously easy but a big grind. Players have no idea how to bet, and often bet far too much or too little. It's all about waiting and waiting for that enourmous edge and pushing it hard. You cant push small edges because the variance is too high without the betting cap. In NL, it's easier to exploit weaknesses in other players' games - one mistake can cost them a lot. It's also much easier to prevent bad
  17. Spirit Rock has been spotted with a quarter million on those tables before.... to paraphrase the matador he probably wipes his posterior with 30k
  18. If hes truly playing the 25-50, you might suggest to him hes a little short in terms of bankroll... thats only 8 racks. And bonus whoring is gonna be a big waste of time for him, bonuses usually max out at 100$ which is 1 big bet. useless. BTW Pokerchamps i have found to be excellent. the concept is very good, no more toggling between windows. The players there also seem to by actively trying to give away money. Yesterday someone busted me out on the second hand of a tourney with 10-8o. I had AA in the BB. 5 limpers at 10-20 blinds, i made it 160 to go. 2 Callers, flop is 4c10dJd, i bet the po
  19. LOL you gotta be kidding me. This is ridiculous, how can anyone defend this laydown??? I WILL NEVER FOLD KK PREFLOP UNLESS I CAN PUT SOMEONE DEFINITIVELY ON ACES. If you are waiting for a better spot, you may be waiting for a very long time. 4 Handed, this is about the best spot you can get. If you are laying down KK here, you are not the best player at the table. You have just been outplayed. And to the poster who is complaining about losing to Spirit Rock on the UB game, you had no business being in that game whatsoever. You just called his bet preflop, so he couldnt have put you on KK, beca
  20. I guess I'm not seeing where there's any rolling vig here. If I come in first in round 1, I win my way into round 2. If there was a vig, that would be $25+$2.50. However, since the prize pool of round 1 is $50, and 2 people win their way into round 2, there's no vig there. You've still only paid a $0.50 vig across both SNG's.Now if you look at the number of people who have to play in round 1 to get a round 5 game, it's pretty significant. Prima is making a very nice hunk of change for this. However, if you win your way into all rounds after 1, you have only paid $0.50 vig. 100% of the first ro
  21. True, but that doesn't make it a good play. If you like getting your money in with 1 in 5 odds, be my guest.I did not say it was a good play, i am just taking issue with the poster saying a player 'shouldnt have won a pot'. No one should or should not win a pot. Just because you have AA does not give you a 'right' to win the pot.
  22. Id like to hear your definition of a pot a player 'shouldnt have won'. Your AA getting cracked by 44? happens 1 in 5 times...
  23. 6 is a suckers bet. Go read Sklansky's Roulette for Advanced Morons, you'll see the only numbers worth playing are 15 and 27. Stupid Newbies
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