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  1. I am heading to Vegas in 3 weeks for a bachelor/bachelorette party for 4 days (I am actually going longer with just my brother though). Anyways, I either play poker or sports bet and haven't played hardly any pit games in a long time. Also, the group that will be there are not big time gamblers, but I know the groom has said he would like to play some craps, blackjack, and roulette. My question is this, what places have the lowest min bet pit games on the strip. We are staying at Harrah's.Thanks
  2. Nice atmosphere lyric thrown in there. Who cares about Minnesota though, WI has more lakes.
  3. I have reached this point now in my poker career and life that after 4 1/2 years of playing I honestly get little joy out of the game anymore. When I play now adays it is becoming more and more rare. For instance, I have logged under 50 hours total since Sept 1. It is common for me to go 1 week between sessions. This is due in part of my teaching and spending more time with school, but last year I still was playing still 15-20 hours per week while teaching. The sessions I have been playing I have noticed my play has become increasingly worse, I tillt more and generally am barely profitabl
  4. It is hour number 3 in this tourny. The structure is very slow and gives you a ton of play. Currently there is about 1400 left in the tourny out of 2200 or so that started. You have a stack of 16k which is good for about 50th at the moment.The hand in question. The blinds are 100/200 no ante. You are in the cutoff with A9 offsuit, ace of spade and 9 of clubs. It is folded around to you. You come in for a raise to 650. Everyone else besides the big blind folds. He calls. His stack is at 6700. He has been playing solid, tight poker. This is typical of most people at the table at the
  5. MSALS sorry but I return to teaching full time on Tuesday so my poker playing time will be limited.As for JETH. Early stages. Well in the $3 rebuy I was a bit of a maniac as I was in for the buy in, add on, and 25 rebuys. I actually got terribly unlucky to be in that spot as twice I had my stack up to 12-15k range, picked up KK, got it all in preflop and once ran into AA the other got outdrawn by A10. So I had to rebuy alot more and eventually ended the break at 15k. The good part of this is my image was crap at my table and also they had alot of chips. The next hour I shifted gears to p
  6. Joined: May 5th, 2005 < Joined: November 29th, 2004 Thanks ghoti for pointing that out and ending that discussion for that drunken idiot of Foxwoodpro.Thanks you all for the congratualtions btw. Was just thinking, wish my other win was the other daily double instead of the $3 rebuy that started 30 min. earlier. Would have made me $42k richer today. Ah well.As for hot cards, ummm the ones that I happen to be playing seem to be hot.
  7. Well just got done taking down the 8:30 $3 rebuy and the Daily Double B tonight on FTP. The rebuy had 532 players and the Daily Double had 1180 so two pretty big fields. Either way it is a nice $3k+ day today. That is all just wanted to brag as I haven't taken down two MTT in the same day in about a year.
  8. In terms of Cirque shows I have seen O, Ka, and Mystere. Mystere is by far my favorite. So much great athletic feats in that one it is just unbelievable. I thought Ka was pretty boring, too artsy for me. O was pretty sweet.
  9. Thanks for the advice guys, I ended up putting in the $120. He ultimately mucked AK there, figuring that one of the two of us had the J and at the very best was chopping. Long term I think you all are right that the $120 is the best play, but I guess against this guy $50 or $60 would have worked.
  10. Playing a live 1.2 nl game today. Player A is in early position, has been playing most pots, is loose passive and is giving away money. He has about $140 left. Player B is on the button, has been playing moderately tight, moderately aggressive. He is a dealer who is somewhat decent (which is unusual cause most dealers I have played with are usually either awful or pretty good). He has about $280 in front of him. I am 3 off the button, have about $330 in front and have been playing pretty agriessive.To the hand, player A limps, I raise to $12 with 10 J, Player B reraises to $24 total, so
  11. Quick history lesson....what did Al Capone go to jail for? Murder, extortion, intimidating witnesses, bribery, illegally selling alcohol? Nope police could not get him on any of this. The most famous mobster ever could not get found guilty of any of these.Found guilty and sent to federal pound you in the a s s prison for TAX EVASION. Bottom line is IRS does not care where you make your $, they care about your income. Pay the taxes.Also on two other notes. First the IRS can not report on its own (their records can be subpoena during a criminal investigation though) for illegal activities
  12. $ is $, take what you can get when you can get it.
  13. For any of you that think that Daniel is a favorite in this match you really need to read The Professor, The Banker, and The Suicide King. From this book it detailed this huge limit game. Chau, Hansen, Doyle, Chip Reese, Barry Greenstein all were actually big losers against Beal. Forrest, Harmon had mixed results. Only Lederer and Todd Brunson had consistent winning results. Several memebers of the corporation (including Greenstein and Forrest) seriously questioned whether they even had an advantage over Beal after the first few sessions. Also, consider Beals style and that he basically
  14. I had the chance to meet paul and his father down in Aruba 2 years ago. Both were very personable and pleasant to talk to. Paul took a genuine interest and was a good all around guy. On a side note, he used to own a nightclub so I am sure he can handle his shit and it would have been a good wooping he would put on Syracuse.
  15. Quit honestly best I have ever heard was this. Early on in tournament I raise 7x bb after 2 limpers with AA and get cold called by one guy. Flop A 2 3, turn 10 river 4, we get all $ in on the turn. He has 10 5 offsuit. But here is where the best quote comes in when someone else mentioned how bad of a call he made on preflop and on the flop and turn (I try not to critize fish, let them lose their $ in peace)."Every straight has a 5 or a 10 in it so I was going for the straight"Can't argue with that logic
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