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  1. Good post The sportsbook (or Bob or whoever) certainly took a risk in giving EL credit, but it's not like it was a contract based on EL's shares/payments of Full Tilt. FTP goes under, sucks for EL and bad circumstance but he is totally responsible for the money. When you give someone credit, you always take a risk of not getting paid, and in this case that might happen. If it happens, yes the sportsbook knew there was a risk of this happening. However, they are still absolutely entitled to the money EL owes, and should do every thing in their power to get it. It's kinda like peop
  2. for anyone that might be interested, this is my 2012 review: http://jamflypoker.blogspot.ie/2013/01/2012-reviewlooking-toward-2013.html Live cash graph Online MTT grpah excluding Super Turbos ($/€ amounts are hidden!)
  3. “I would like to make good on all of my debts,” said Lindgren, who admitted some hostility toward Voulgaris. “It’s probably safe to assume that he would be the last person I would deal with in the paying back of people. Bob has never been my favorite person and vice versa regardless of any money dealings we’ve had, but that being said, I do apologize and I am in the wrong.” WTF is he saying here? Or why is he saying? Does he not realise from this alone he comes across as a complete a**hole? I'm not sure, but it seems Lindgren could just be really stupid. After what he's apparently lear
  4. haven't read article yet, but when I saw the picture it reminded me of Philip Seymour Hoffman in Owning Mahowny
  5. money should have been given back morally for sure The highest authority should make a decision. If the decision is the player keeps the money, the losing player should chalk it down to dealer error, you should not have to pay for it (even though it was kinda your mistake). There's are the prices that must be paid in a non-organised game which it seems to be.
  6. I don't know how much of FCP plays poker anymore but having a thread like this is mandatory in a poker forum! Post whatever you want be it year-long graphs, year summaries, trip reports, big scores, highlights or should have beens or could have beens. Currently working on my end of year results/blog post and will update when I get it done.
  7. Merry Xmas FCP and a happy new year
  8. in fairness, pretty good acting from DN. The interviewer starts really overdoing it around the middle of the video and u def begin to suspect something's up.
  9. and they wonder why we're in a recession...
  10. Jesus. Sounds like a case of robbers hearing a guy has a few million in lifetime earnings and assuming he must carry 6 figs with him at all times, then they're disappointed when he only has a few thousand.
  11. does anybody have a link, I would like to read this?
  12. What?? Being without a cell phone for 5 days in this day in age is unheard of. Is DN visiting Mecca or something?
  13. yeah fair enough. I think a lot of these situations are, in so many words, a bit of a pipe dream. Any projects like these do need an awful lot of work and discipline to get off the ground, and the majority of people just don't have that.
  14. Manny Steward, famed boxing promoter/trainer, died about a week ago. http://espn.go.com/boxing/story/_/id/8551612/emanuel-steward-famed-boxing-trainer-dies-68
  15. Minimum amount of hours live needed to even begin to guesstimate a win rate would be 500. That's 500 hours in the one cash game. So 500 hours in Foxwoods 1-2 NLHE game, or 500 hours in the Venetians 10-20 O8 game etc. having 500 hours with a mix of different games, limits and casinos won't really give a true reflection. Based on what you've said, I might make a suggestion which might be a little bit against the consensus. You say you are working a job that you hate...what's the worst case scenario if you quit this job? Is it an entry level position or has it taken a lot of time and effort
  16. seems like a stupid question now, but are you happy (how happy) with your decision? It just seemed like one of those spots where even if you invested and it went as badly as it could have gone, you'd still be 'glad' you took the shot.
  17. Ideally, you should have separate bankrolls - a 'poker' br and life money. Life money should be for bills etc. poker br should be for poker, and if things are going really well and you can afford to withdraw form your bankroll and still comfortably play your current stakes/move up as you please, you can take a little from your poker br for real world luxury spending. If your money is all the one and poker money = real world money, there's not much you can do. Assuming your monthly expenses are essentials like rent, food, gas etc. then they simply have to be paid. It means your poker bankro
  18. Unfortunately, I did not win. Thanks for votes anyway everyone!
  19. anyway my $0.02 I think it's pretty clear cut, play if you want to play in the game. I don't think you'd be seen as a hypocrite if you play with him, it's not like you're laughing and joking and going back on everything you said. In a perfect world, no body would play with Lederer, all scumbags would be removed from poker etc. etc. blah blah blah that's never going to happen. As they say, if casinos banned everyone who ever did something wrong/illegal/unethical, the casino would have no customers. Howard is going to be able to play games, it's not right for any casinos or tournaments to
  20. oh too good to post in my thread about the same topic, fine I see how it is...
  21. So during the week, Lederer was playing some 400-800$ mixed games in Vegas. He also entered (and re-entered!) the Bellagio's Festa al Lago. Thoughts?
  22. definitely the thinnest of thinly veiled!
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